White Diamond Stunning 2021 Peterbilt 389

Daily Big Rig: Stunning 2021 White Diamond Peterbilt 389 

In the trucking world, where strength and style collide, Dale Ricks’ 2021 Peterbilt 389, aptly named “White Diamond,” shines brightly. This remarkable rig, hailing from Hull, Iowa, is more than just a workhorse; it’s a testament to the dedication and passion of its owner, Dale Ricks. With a powerful 565-horsepower Cummins X15 engine under the hood, an 18-speed transmission, and 3.25 rears, this truck stands tall and proud on its 295-inch wheelbase.

Dale’s journey with the White Diamond began when he ordered the new truck, envisioning a masterpiece on wheels. To bring his vision to life, he entrusted the talented team at Sioux Falls Peterbilt, who skillfully transformed his dream into reality. The result? A custom work of art that commands attention on the road.

One of the most striking features of White Diamond is its unique customization. Dale spared no detail in personalizing his rig. The custom deck plate and rear bumper add functionality and a flair, showcasing his commitment to quality. Airbags on the front ensure a smooth ride, even when navigating the most challenging terrains. The 8-inch stacks not only enhance the truck’s performance but also give it a distinctive presence that’s impossible to ignore. Every inch of this Peterbilt 389 has been meticulously painted to match, creating a seamless and eye-catching exterior that sets it apart.

But Dale didn’t stop there. He took the same attention to detail inside the cab, with a custom-painted floor and dash that exuded sophistication and comfort. The White Diamond isn’t just a truck; it’s a mobile oasis for Dale as he spends countless hours on the road.

The trailer that complements this magnificent rig is equally impressive. A 2021 Great Dane 53-foot slider spread axle with a Thermo King S-600 unit, it’s a vital part of Dale’s operation. But, as you might expect, it’s not your ordinary trailer. In keeping with the theme of harmonious style, it has been painted to match the truck’s frame. Even the rails and the trailer’s two fuel tanks have received the same attention to detail, creating a visually cohesive unit that turns heads wherever it travels.

Dale Ricks’ profession is as unique as his truck. He hauls ice cream for Wells Blue Bunny, a well-known name in the frozen treats industry, located in Le Mars, Iowa. Dale is leased to Western Provisions, a company based in Sioux Falls, South Dakota, and his routes take him all over the country. Behind the wheel of White Diamond, he doesn’t just transport goods; he carries a symbol of pride and excellence.

In the trucking world, where functionality meets aesthetics, Dale Ricks’ 2021 Peterbilt 389 “White Diamond” is a shining example. It’s more than just a truck; it’s a rolling work of art that reflects the passion and dedication of its owner. With its impressive customizations and attention to detail, White Diamond not only stands out on the highway but also represents the spirit of innovation and personalization that drives the trucking industry forward. As Dale continues to journey across the nation, his White Diamond remains a testament to the enduring allure of the open road and the trucks that conquer it.

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