Arien Ruell's 1993 Peterbilt 379

Daily Big Rig: Arien Ruell’s 1993 Peterbilt 379 “Ten Dimes”

In trucking, where the highway is both a workplace and a way of life, the connection between a big rig trucker and their rig is profound. Pennsylvania-based Arien Ruell’s 1993 Peterbilt 379, affectionately known as “Ten Dimes,” is not just a piece of machinery; it’s a symbol of love, family, and the enduring spirit of the open road. Ruell’s truck has a story that’s as unique as it is heartwarming.

The Origins of “Ten Dimes”

Arien Ruell acquired his beloved Peterbilt in 2014. At that time, the truck was far from the shining beauty it is today. Ruell described it as “green with a baby-puke stripe and a 252-inch wheelbase.” However, Ruell and his now father-in-law had big plans for the rig. They extended the wheelbase to an impressive 327 inches, giving the truck a distinctive look and enhanced stability for its demanding workload.

The Heart of the Beast

What makes “Ten Dimes” truly exceptional is what’s under the hood. Ruell’s rig is powered by an 800 hp Caterpillar 6NZ engine, replacing the original mechanical motor. This powerhouse of an engine is essential for hauling overweight and oversized steel loads, a task Ruell tackles with ease in his typical stomping grounds around Kentucky, Indiana, and Ohio. It’s a testament to the reliability and adaptability of the Peterbilt 379.

A Truck Fit for a Family

The trucking lifestyle can be isolating, but Ruell’s “Ten Dimes” breaks that mold. Its 1987 vintage Double Eagle sleeper adds to the truck’s aesthetic appeal and allows Ruell’s family, including his dogs and his new wife, to travel with him on occasion. This unique feature exemplifies the bond between a trucker and their rig—a sense of home and family on wheels.

The Aesthetics of “Ten Dimes”

“Ten Dimes” isn’t just about functionality; it’s also a work of art on wheels. Custom paint and pinstriping, Broadway lights down the side of the sleeper, and an abundance of chrome make it a head-turner at any truck show. Ruell’s vision for the truck was to “keep a little bit of 1993” while maintaining an undeniably classy subdued look.

A Love Story on Wheels

Perhaps the most heartwarming aspect of “Ten Dimes” is the love story it holds. On a hot July day at the 5th annual Gear Jammer Magazine Truck Show in Keene, New Hampshire, Arien Ruell married a fellow trucker’s daughter on a stage in the middle of the Monadnock Speedway, just hours after proudly talking about his truck. His suit, pressed and ready, hung inside the sleeper. This union exemplifies the unique camaraderie that exists within the trucking community, where fellow truckers become family.

The Significance of “Ten Dimes”

When asked about his favorite part of “Ten Dimes,” Ruell’s answer was unexpected. He didn’t focus on the truck’s aesthetics or performance. Instead, he spoke of the relationships forged through his journey with his truck. He quoted Al Capone, who once said, “Four quarters are better than 100 pennies,” Ruell feels fortunate to have “ten dimes,” ten truly great people who helped bring his dream to life.

Arien Ruell’s “Ten Dimes” is more than just a truck; it’s a testament to love, family, and the enduring bonds formed on the open road. This Pennsylvania-based trucker has created something extraordinary, a unique blend of functionality and aesthetics that reflects his personality and values. With “Ten Dimes,” Ruell not only carries freight but also carries the spirit of his trucking family, proving that sometimes, the most significant journeys are those we share with others.

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