The Bandit tribute 2024 Kenworth W900L

Daily Big Rig: Smokey and the Bandit tribute 2024 Kenworth W900L

In trucking, few things are as iconic as the relationship between an owner-operator and their rig. For Dale Ricks, a seasoned trucking veteran with 42 years of experience under his belt, this connection runs deep. Each truck he has owned tells a unique story, and his latest addition, a 2024 Kenworth W900L, is a testament to his unwavering passion for the road and his ever-evolving journey as a trucker.

Dale Ricks, hailing from Hull, Iowa, is well-known in the trucking community. His reputation for maintaining impeccable trucks precedes him. What sets his latest acquisition apart, however, is that it marks a significant departure from his long-standing allegiance to Peterbilt. Ricks, whose previous trucks, including the distinguished “White Diamond” 2021 Peterbilt 389, have all been Peterbilts, decided to explore uncharted territory by making the Kenworth W900L his own.

The 2024 Kenworth W900L is more than just a mode of transport for Ricks; it’s a canvas for his creativity and a platform to express his distinctive style. He ordered the new truck and entrusted Sioux Falls Peterbilt with turning it into a work of art. The result? It is a customized masterpiece that turns heads wherever it goes.

Under the hood of Ricks’ 2024 Kenworth W900L is a powerful 565-horsepower Cummins X15 engine coupled with an 18-speed transmission and 3.25 rear axles. With a 295-inch wheelbase, this rig boasts the perfect combination of power and stability, making it an ideal companion for long-haul journeys.

But it’s not just about the mechanical prowess. Ricks believes in making a statement on the road, and he’s done just that. The truck has various customizations, from a bespoke deck plate and rear bumper to 8-inch stacks that scream power. Every detail has been carefully considered and painted to match, creating a seamless and visually striking aesthetic.

Inside the cab, Ricks’s attention to detail continues. The custom-painted floor and dash exude a sense of pride and ownership that’s hard to miss. It’s clear that Ricks sees his truck as an extension of himself, and he wants it to reflect his personality and dedication to his craft.

One standout feature of Ricks’ Kenworth W900L is the Studio Sleeper, designed for maximum comfort during those long hours on the road. But it’s not just about convenience; Ricks has also added air ride on the steer axle, allowing the truck to sit low when parked. He describes it as the “cool factor,” and it’s hard to argue with that assessment.

For Ricks, it’s not just about aesthetics; safety and visibility matter, too. He has added glass watermelon lights with LEDs that adorn the truck from front to back and even underneath. As the sun sets and the night takes over, his truck transforms into a beacon of amber light, a spectacle that’s hard to ignore.

Ricks affectionately refers to his 2024 Kenworth W900L as “Cletus,” his homage to the iconic “Smokey and the Bandit” Kenworth. It’s a name that carries a legacy, a nod to the trucking culture that has captivated enthusiasts for generations.

Now, you might wonder about the man behind the wheel. Dale Ricks is no ordinary trucker; he’s a specialist in his field. He spends his days hauling ice cream for Wells Dairy, primarily shuttling between the Wells plants in Le Mars, Iowa, and Las Vegas. It’s a testament to the importance of the trucking industry in keeping our favorite treats readily available, no matter where we are.

In the trucking world, where the road can be long and the journey arduous, Dale Ricks symbolizes dedication and passion. His 2024 Kenworth W900L is more than just a vehicle; it reflects a lifetime of experiences and an unwavering commitment to the open road. As he continues to clock in the miles, we can be sure that Dale Ricks and “Cletus” will continue to make their mark on the highways of America, leaving an indelible impression on all who cross their path.

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