TCA commends the committee's endorsement of H.R. 2367 allocates a substantial 5 million over three years to address the pressing issue of insufficient truck parking.

TCA Commends Endorsement of Truck Parking Improvement Act

In response to recent legislative developments, the Truckload Carriers Association (TCA), a prominent organization in the trucking industry, has shared its perspective on various bills discussed by the House of Representatives Transportation and Infrastructure Committee.

TCA commends the committee’s endorsement of H.R. 2367, known as the Truck Parking Improvement Act, which allocates a substantial $755 million over three years to address the pressing issue of insufficient truck parking. According to Dave Williams, Chairman of TCA and Senior Vice President of Knight-Swift Transportation, this milestone signifies a significant advancement in enhancing driver safety, ensuring compliance with federal regulations, and improving operational efficiency within the trucking sector.

Williams emphasized the severe shortage of parking spaces in the industry, with a staggering ratio of just one parking spot for every 11 drivers. He underlined that the committee’s focus on resolving this persistent challenge demonstrates a commitment to mitigating safety risks and optimizing supply chain productivity. By providing adequate truck parking facilities, drivers can take necessary rest breaks, adhere to federal hours of service regulations, and efficiently manage their schedules. These measures contribute to heightened efficiency and improved road safety for all stakeholders.

While TCA acknowledges and celebrates this positive outcome, the organization also wishes to express reservations concerning other recently approved legislation.

TCA raises objections to certain provisions outlined in H.R. 3372, which proposes a safety data collection program for specific 6-axle vehicles. The legislation includes a voluntary pilot program that permits increased truck weights, up to 91,000 lb., on federal interstates utilizing six axles. While appreciating the initiative to gather safety data, TCA expresses concerns about the potential ramifications of amplified truck weights on highway safety and infrastructure, as highlighted by Williams.

Additionally, TCA opposes H.R. 2948, known as the Carrying Automobiles Responsibly and Safely (CARS) Act. This bill addresses the growing weight of newer vehicles by allowing a 10 percent weight increase for particular types of automobile transporters. Williams emphasizes TCA’s apprehension regarding the potential impact on infrastructure and roadway safety that could arise from these weight increases.

Overall, the Truckload Carriers Association supports the House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee’s endeavors to address critical trucking industry concerns, while also raising concerns about specific aspects of the proposed legislation.



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