Raising Awareness on Wheels: R.E. Garrison's Innovative Approach to Supporting Childhood Cancer Awareness

Awareness on Wheels: R.E. Garrison’s Innovative Approach to Supporting Childhood Cancer Awareness

Awareness on Wheels: R.E. Garrison Trucking Inc. has taken a bold and creative step towards supporting a cause that touches many: childhood cancer awareness. This initiative, a brainchild of collaborative efforts with Lonestar Truck Group and Daimler Truck North America, is not just about hauling goods; it’s about hauling hope and spreading awareness on a massive scale.

The Vision: Trucks as Canvases for a Cause

Taylor Foshee, R.E. Garrison’s Director of Employee Engagement, unveiled the fleet’s innovative approach. Their fleet of nearly 900 trucks is no stranger to social causes, but their latest project is truly groundbreaking. They have introduced two specially wrapped trucks featuring the stories of nine individuals battling childhood cancer. These trucks are not just vehicles; they are moving stories, spreading awareness with every mile they cover.

The uniqueness of this campaign lies in its execution and reach. Dedicated on August 19, 2023, these trucks are expected to generate over 300 million impressions each while under dispatch. That’s 300 million opportunities to engage the public with the narratives of these brave young individuals and the cause they represent.

The Collaborative Effort: Turning an Idea into Reality

The journey from concept to reality was a collaborative endeavor. Dale Elder of Daimler Truck North America, during a brainstorming session in Charlotte, North Carolina, was exploring fundraising ideas to support St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. The suggestion to wrap a truck in support of the cause sparked the entire project. Elder reached out to Adam Arrington of Lonestar Truck Group, and the wheels were set in motion.

The leadership at R.E. Garrison, including President Wyles Griffith and Vice President Donovan Lovell, were immediately supportive. The marketing team, collaborating with Jaylon Crump of Lonestar Truck Group, meticulously worked to create designs that would not only honor each child but also effectively tell their stories.

The Unveiling: A Community Event

Choosing Cullman for the unveiling of the trucks was a deliberate decision, aimed at involving the families directly. A special dinner at The Venue at Cotton Creek introduced each honoree to the industry partners. The following day saw a celebration in downtown Cullman, complete with fun jumps, food trucks, and music, culminating in the big reveal of the wrapped trucks.

The Impact: Beyond Just Impressions

Marketing statistics reveal the vast potential impact of this campaign. Each mile a wrapped vehicle runs generates 600 impressions. With these trucks averaging about 125,000 miles per year, the campaign is set to create approximately 75 million impressions annually. Over a lifespan of four years, these trucks will have been seen over 600 million times.

A History of Compassionate Campaigns

R.E. Garrison’s commitment to social causes isn’t new. In the past, the company has wrapped trucks to support breast cancer and autism awareness. However, this initiative, focusing on childhood cancer, adds a new dimension to their community involvement, showing that the trucking industry can play a pivotal role in social causes.

Driving Awareness on Every Route

R.E. Garrison Trucking Inc. and its partners have demonstrated how the trucking industry can transcend its traditional business role to become a powerful platform for social awareness. These wrapped trucks, carrying the stories of courage and hope, will traverse the nation’s highways, reminding us of the resilience of the human spirit and the power of community involvement. This innovative approach sets a precedent in the industry, showcasing how companies can contribute meaningfully to causes that resonate deeply within our communities. As these trucks cover miles, they do more than transport goods; they transport messages of hope, courage, and awareness, making every journey count in the fight against childhood cancer.




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