UPS Strengthens Healthcare Logistics with MNX Deal

UPS Strengthens Healthcare Logistics with MNX Deal

In a strategic move, UPS is set to acquire MNX Global Logistics, a leader in healthcare logistics solutions. This acquisition strengthens UPS Healthcare and its subsidiary, Marken, specializing in clinical trial logistics, positioning them as key players in healthcare logistics. The transaction, expected to close by year-end, holds undisclosed terms.

MNX Global Logistics, a renowned name in time-critical logistics, boasts expertise in radio-pharmaceuticals and temperature-controlled logistics, perfectly aligning with the surging demand for specialized healthcare logistics services. By joining hands with UPS, MNX is set to revolutionize global healthcare logistics with its time-sensitive and temperature-sensitive solutions, complementing UPS Express Critical.

UPS is already celebrated for its comprehensive capabilities and industry-leading on-time delivery. Kate Gutmann, Executive Vice President and President of UPS International, Healthcare, and Supply Chain Solutions, emphasizes customer trust in UPS’s reliability and extensive services. She asserts, “Together with MNX, we will further that reliability and speed globally, especially for our UPS Healthcare customers. We continue to invest in services that bring unique value to our customers and create additional growth opportunities for UPS.”

John Labrie, CEO of MNX Global Logistics, shares optimism about the acquisition, highlighting the potential synergy. MNX aims to leverage its team’s proficiency in global, time-critical healthcare logistics within UPS’s extensive network, ensuring exceptional service for customers. Labrie firmly believes that UPS is the ideal partner to accelerate MNX’s growth in healthcare logistics.

MNX Global Logistics: A Closer Look

MNX Global Logistics, headquartered in Long Beach, California, holds a global footprint, serving 190 countries and territories. Their services encompass Next Flight Out (NFO), Air Charter, On-Demand Courier, Managed Transportation, Service Parts Logistics (SPL), and Specialty Freight. With such a comprehensive suite of healthcare logistics services, MNX plays a pivotal role, especially when time is of the essence.

This strategic acquisition by UPS reaffirms the company’s dedication to providing top-tier healthcare logistics services. Given the critical importance of time-critical and temperature-sensitive shipments in healthcare logistics, this move is poised to benefit not only UPS and MNX but also healthcare professionals and patients relying on timely deliveries of vital medical supplies and medications.

Resilience in Used Truck Sales Amidst Price Stability

Turning our focus to commercial trucking, the used truck market has seen notable developments. Despite price stability, this sector has witnessed an upswing in sales. ACT Research, a respected authority in commercial vehicle industry analysis, reports that Class 8 used-truck sales rebounded in August following a larger-than-expected decrease in July.

Here are the key highlights from ACT’s report:

  1. Retail sales volumes surged by an impressive 12% in August, showcasing remarkable resilience in the used truck market.
  2. The average mileage on trucks sold decreased by 1%.
  3. The average price and age of used trucks remained stable.

When examining longer-term trends, it becomes evident that the used truck market is undergoing transformation:

  1. Average sales volumes increased by 3% year-over-year.
  2. Prices have experienced a 26% decline since August 2022.
  3. Miles driven and the age of vehicles have both decreased by 4%.

Steve Tam, Vice President at ACT Research, provides valuable insights into the August sales figures. He points out that August historically ranks as the second-best sales month of the year, surpassed only by October. This seasonality factor likely contributed to the uptick in sales during August. Furthermore, auction sales improved during the same period, albeit only partially offsetting the July decline. Wholesale transactions also contributed to the upbeat August market, with dealers trading 46% more trucks compared to July. This combined effort resulted in a 15% month-over-month increase in the total market volume.

Steve Tam also sheds light on the disposal of equipment from Yellow’s bankruptcy. The company overseeing the shutdown actively seeks buyers for the trucks and trailers, with bids from interested buyers due by October 13th. With an estimated 12,000 tractors (primarily Class 8 day cabs) and 35,000 trailers in their inventory, this move will likely prevent an oversaturation of late-model, low-mileage units in the secondary market. Such an oversupply could have led to accelerated depreciation, averted by actively seeking buyers for these well-maintained assets.

Brandt Group Expands its Dealer Network in the U.S.

The Brandt Group of Companies, a respected name in the transportation industry, recently announced exciting news regarding its U.S. dealer network. Pinnacle Trailer Sales, based in North Carolina with additional dealerships in South Carolina and Virginia, has joined Brandt’s heavy-haul trailer dealer network. With nearly 25 years of experience in serving transportation industry customers, Pinnacle’s inclusion in Brandt’s network signifies a commitment to offering enhanced efficiency and productivity options to its customers.

Jason Klassen, Brandt Senior Vice President Sales – Manufactured Products, expressed enthusiasm about partnering with companies like Pinnacle. He stated, “We are proud to partner with companies like Pinnacle that share both our passion for our industries and our commitment to taking great care of our customers.” This collaboration reaffirms Brandt’s dedication to the transportation industry, demonstrating a mutual commitment to providing top-tier service to operators and fleet owners.

Pinnacle will offer Brandt trailers at all four of its locations on the East Coast, ensuring accessibility for customers in North Carolina, South Carolina, and Virginia. Notably, Pinnacle will stock Brandt’s H450 and H650 heavy-haul trailers, catering to a wide-ranging operational area that serves multiple industries, including agriculture, construction, and forestry. Brandt’s heavy-haul trailer products are recognized for their quality and reliability, making them an ideal addition to Pinnacle’s offerings.

Brett Tanner, owner of Pinnacle Trailer Sales, expressed excitement about the partnership and identified a unique opportunity in Brandt’s H450 trailer. This particular trailer model is expected to meet the needs of several customers in the region effectively. It underscores the importance of providing versatile solutions that align with the specific requirements of customers in diverse industries.

In Conclusion

The commercial trucking and logistics industry are in a constant state of evolution, responding to market dynamics, seasonal trends, and the ever-changing needs of customers. UPS’s acquisition of MNX Global Logistics highlights the critical role that time-critical and temperature-sensitive logistics play in the healthcare sector, underscoring the industry’s commitment to reliability and speed.

Meanwhile, the resilience of the used truck market, as evidenced by increased sales amidst stable prices, reflects the adaptability of the industry in the face of challenges. This adaptability is further demonstrated by the proactive approach taken in handling equipment disposal, as seen in the case of Yellow’s bankruptcy.

Lastly, the expansion of Brandt’s dealer network through its partnership with Pinnacle Trailer Sales exemplifies the industry’s dedication to serving customers effectively and providing them with the best-in-class equipment and support.

As commercial truck drivers and professionals in the logistics industry, staying informed about these developments is crucial for making informed decisions and staying competitive in a dynamic marketplace. These recent news stories serve as valuable insights into the current state of the industry and its future prospects in healthcare logistics and beyond.



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