Hub Group Truck Driver Jobs - Pay, Benefits, and Insights

Hub Group Truck Driver Jobs – Pay, Benefits, and Insights

Hub Group Trucking stands as a pillar of innovation and service inside the North American transportation and logistics zone. With a legacy dating again to 1971, Hub Group has developed through strategic acquisitions and a dedication to generation, now offering a huge spectrum of supply chain solutions. Let’s delve into the various aspects of Hub Group, along with enterprise insights, process possibilities, revenue degrees, blessings, and more, offering a full spectrum of information for capability employees and companions.

Company Background

Headquartered in Oak Brook, Illinois, Hub Group operates with a centralized system, moving away from regional offices to function as a single network. This reorganization has enabled the company to compete more effectively across the logistics landscape. The company’s history is marked by significant acquisitions, such as Comtrak Logistics, Estenson Logistics, and more recently, NonstopDelivery, LLC, and TAGG Logistics, broadening its services and capabilities​​​​.

Job Opportunities

Hub Group offers a variety of positions, including company drivers for dedicated and intermodal positions and owner-operator opportunities. These roles are designed to support a work-life balance, offering competitive wages and home daily options for many drivers. Requirements for these positions generally include a CDL-A license and at least one year of experience​​​​.

Salary and Benefits

The salary range for company drivers can vary based on position and location.

As of March 2024, reports the national average annual base salary for Truck Driver Jobs at Hub Group to be $94,896 (click here for current information from

Benefits offered include:

Health, Vision, and Dental Insurance

Life Insurance

401k Retirement Plan

Paid Time Off

Disability Insurance

Referral Program

Fuel Discount

Sign-on Bonus

Performance Bonuses

Reviews and Ratings from

Hub Group is recognized for providing competitive compensation, reliable home time, and strong support for its drivers, contributing to a positive work environment and career satisfaction​​.

  • A trucker from Oak Brook, IL writes, “I love Driving, I like the way they organize. Good people. Pays well. They respect Drivers. Excellent benefits. Good mile pay. Pay for your vacations. A lot of bonuses.”
  • Another employee from Milwaukee, WI says, “Management is very supportive and understanding. Typical day would be very smooth. You typically know what you’re doing a day before.”
  • An employee from Portage, MI writes, “Good place to work if you like to drive. Pay is better than most companies pay. Trucks are nice to new. Dispatch is very helpful so you can get the job done or get help with any problems you may encounter at the yards.”

Safety and Equipment

Hub Group prioritizes safety and fleet renovation, employing a specialized system to ensure the wellness of its drivers and the integrity of the shipment transported. This consciousness on safety extends to their acquisition method, wherein organizations with robust protection statistics and progressive logistics answers are brought into the fold​​.

Work-Life Balance

Many Hub Group drivers revel in the gain of being home daily, highlighting the organization’s dedication to a healthful work-existence stability. This technique is favored by using drivers, as indicated by way of testimonials praising the employer’s increase, compensation, and the possibilities it affords​​.

Career Advancement

Hub Group values the career progression of its employees, offering training programs, leadership development opportunities, and driver mentorship programs. This emphasis on internal growth encourages long-term careers within the company​​.

Company Culture

Defined through its core values of carrier, integrity, and innovation, Hub Group fosters a way of life wherein employees are valued and boom possibilities are ample. The organization’s assignment emphasizes splendid carrier and innovative answers, aiming to steer the enterprise in client-centric supply chain answers​​.

Recruitment and Application Process

Prospective drivers can apply directly through Hub Group’s dedicated recruitment sites. Qualifications typically require a CDL-A license and a minimum of one year of driving experience. The company seeks individuals who align with its values and commitment to service, offering a straightforward application and onboarding process​​​​.

Hub Group Trucking represents a dynamic and supportive surroundings for the ones seeking to develop their careers inside the logistics and transportation industry. With a solid foundation, a commitment to safety, and a subculture of innovation, Hub Group is poised for continued growth and achievement.

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