Ryder Truck Driver Jobs: Pay, Benefits, and Insights

Ryder Truck Driver Jobs: Pay, Benefits, & Insights

Ryder Supply Chain Solutions, a department of Ryder System Inc, is a prime player within the world of logistics and transportation, presenting a sizable array of offerings designed to improve the dependability of supply chains in quite a few industries. This guide delves into the employer’s core offerings, history, and its dedication to innovation and willpower, presenting valuable insights for those interested in gaining knowledge of its services or searching out painting opportunities within the company.

Company Overview

Ryder Supply Chain Solutions operates within a larger framework of its parent business enterprise, Ryder, famed for its comprehensive fleet control, dedicated transportation, and supply chain answers. Serving roughly 50,000 customers, Ryder plays a crucial position in coping with important capabilities that without delay affect daily client products. The organization’s product offerings are divided into 3 essential classes: Fleet Management Solutions, Supply Chain Solutions, and Dedicated Transportation Solutions.

Ryder, which is headquartered in Florida, has a strong presence in the logistics and transportation industry, as can be seen in its recent acquisitions and innovations. Particularly, Endeavor’s acquisition of B.I.T. # Leasing and companies such as Carmenita Leasing, Inc., and The Scully Companies, Inc., expanded its capabilities and regional reach via the launch of COOP, a peer-to-peer truck-sharing platform, and RyderShare, a collaborative logistics platform, demonstrating the company’s commitment to utilizing technology for increased service delivery and geographical growth.

Historical Milestones

Ryder’s journey is marked by a series of strategic moves aimed at expansion and innovation. From early acquisitions aimed at growing its fleet and service offerings to embracing natural gas vehicles and launching cutting-edge technology platforms like RyderShare, the company has consistently sought ways to stay ahead of industry trends while contributing to environmental sustainability and operational efficiency.

Awards and Recognition

Ryder’s excellence has no longer gone unnoticed, with the agency receiving accolades from first-rate entities along with General Motors, Cisco, and Domino’s Pizza, amongst others. These awards, spanning categories like dealer overall performance, logistics excellence, and innovation, underscore enterprise dedication to quality, customer support, and technological advancement.

Career Opportunities and Growth

Ryder is an organization of preference, presenting a number of activity possibilities throughout its numerous operational segments. With roles in fleet control, delivery chain solutions, and devoted transportation, the company presents a dynamic work environment that fosters growth, innovation, and a dedication to excellence. Prospective employees can look forward to conducting significant paintings that make a tangible effect at the supply chain and logistics industry.

Salary and Benefits

Ryder offers various career opportunities across different sectors. The company emphasizes a culture of integrity, values, trust, and diversity, making it a desirable workplace for over 40,000 employees. The company is known for attracting exceptional talent, partly due to its commitment to diversity, inclusion, and equal employment opportunities, which foster an innovative and value-driven work environment.

As of March 2024, Indeed.com reports the national average annual base salary for Truck Driver Jobs at Ryder to be $64,640 (click here for current information from Indeed.com).

Benefits offered include:

Health, Vision, Dental Insurance

Paid Time Off 

Retirement Plan

401k Matching

Driver Training Program

Per Diem

Sign-On Bonuses

Safety Bonuses up to $1250 per year

Employee Discount

Referral Program

Requirements for Employment with Ryder Include:

Minimum 21 Years of Age

Pass Company Drug Test

Pass Company Background and Motor Vehicle Check Including Drug and Alcohol Verification from Previous Employers for Last 3 Years

DOT Physical

Pass Company Road Test

Provide CDL and Endorsements (if required by position)

Verifiable CDL Class A Experience 

Additional Requirements May Be Required in Different Locations / Job Types

To apply, visit www.ryder.com/en-us/careers.

Reviews from Employees

An Employee from Chicago, IL writes on Indeed.com, “Over all it’s good money. The money is there…you’ll do 60 hours a week 12 hour shifts with only 5 days work.”

One Employee from Miami, FL says, “Start early. Paid good. Great benefits. Long days. They treat you well.

A Current Employee in Jonestown, PA writes, “Definitely recommend working here. I’m currently an employee for 5 years now at 2 different accounts. The minimum guaranteed pay is what I do instead of hourly. The benefits are definitely great, as they have multiple options and are affordable.”


Ryder Supply Chain Solutions epitomizes the fusion of operational excellence, strategic growth, and innovation in the logistics and transportation sector. Through its comprehensive service offerings, dedication to sustainability, and a track record of industry recognition, the company demonstrates its pivotal role in shaping the future of supply chain management. If you are a job seeker aspiring to join a forward-thinking company, Ryder offers a wealth of opportunities to explore.

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