Harnois Energies Orders Hydrogen-Powered Peterbilts, Leading the Charge Towards Green Transportation

Harnois Energies Orders Hydrogen-Powered Peterbilts

Harnois Energies, a prominent petroleum, propane, and lubricant distributor in Canada, is making a significant stride towards sustainability by becoming the first company in the country to reserve Peterbilt 579 trucks powered by hydrogen fuel cells. With a commitment to decarbonizing its fleet, the company has placed an order for five of these cutting-edge vehicles, signaling its dedication to embracing clean energy alternatives. The arrival of these hydrogen-powered trucks in early 2026 marks a pivotal moment for Harnois Energies and the future of transportation in Canada.

In an official press release, Serge Harnois, the president and CEO of Harnois Energies, expressed his enthusiasm for the project, stating, “This exciting project offers the company a way to begin decarbonizing its transportation fleet and shows just how green hydrogen has a real future in Quebec. This investment is in perfect alignment with our vision to provide the right energy for the right vehicle.” This move by Harnois Energies exemplifies the company’s commitment to sustainable practices and its efforts to drive positive change in the energy and transportation sectors.

The hydrogen-powered Peterbilt 579 trucks are part of a broader initiative by Harnois Energies to transition its fleet to greener alternatives. With a network of charging stations and its own hydrogen fuel station, the company is taking proactive steps to ensure a seamless transition to hydrogen-powered vehicles. By incorporating these innovative trucks into its operations, Harnois Energies aims to reduce its carbon footprint and set an example for other companies in the industry.

Paccar, the parent company of Peterbilt, has previously announced its plans to introduce hydrogen-powered trucks to both Canada and the United States. The Kenworth and Peterbilt Class 8 trucks, scheduled for series production beginning in 2025, will utilize Toyota Gen 2 hydrogen fuel cell modules. In Canada, Loblaw, a major grocery retailer, has already placed an order for five Kenworth hydrogen-powered trucks for its fleet, joining Harnois Energies in the pursuit of sustainable transportation solutions.

Harnois Energies’ commitment to green initiatives extends beyond its investment in hydrogen-powered trucks. The company has also established Quebec’s only publicly accessible green hydrogen station, located on Wilfred-Hamel Boulevard in Quebec City. Through a partnership with the provincial government, Alstom, and HTEC, Harnois Energies will further contribute to sustainable transportation by producing hydrogen for North America’s first passenger train powered by green hydrogen. This groundbreaking project showcases the company’s determination to spearhead the adoption of clean energy in various sectors of the transportation industry.

As the first Canadian company to reserve hydrogen-powered Peterbilt 579 trucks, Harnois Energies is leading the way towards a greener and more sustainable future. By embracing the potential of hydrogen fuel cell technology, the company is not only reducing its environmental impact but also demonstrating the viability of green hydrogen in Quebec and beyond. With the scheduled arrival of these trucks in early 2026, Harnois Energies is positioning itself as an industry trailblazer, inspiring others to follow suit in the pursuit of a cleaner and more sustainable transportation sector.

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