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Eclipse Alert: Navigating Truck Travel Restrictions and Bans

On April 8, 2024, a total solar eclipse will sweep across North America. It’s a big deal for many, but for truck drivers, it’s a heads-up to plan routes carefully. This guide will help our truckers steer clear of the traffic headache the eclipse might cause.

Where the Eclipse and Trucks Might Cross Paths

The eclipse will darken skies from Texas to Maine. That means lots of people will hit the road to catch the best view. States along the eclipse’s path are bracing for a huge increase in traffic. This could mean major delays for truckers and inconvenient truck travel restrictions on certain routes.

Arkansas, for example, is expecting around 2 million people to come to watch the eclipse. That’s a lot of extra cars on the road. States like Indiana and Vermont are even suggesting truck drivers take the day off if they can. Roads there are going to be packed.

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A Look Back at Previous Eclipses

Remember the 2017 eclipse? How about the 2023 eclipse? Roads were jammed then, too. The lesson? Eclipses bring out crowds, and with crowds come traffic jams. For truckers, this means longer delivery times and possibly more stress on the road caused by four-wheeler drivers.

What This Means for Trucking

Trucking never stops. It’s 24/7. But the eclipse might slow things down a bit. Some states are putting truck travel restrictions and bans in effect to keep the roads a bit clearer. This might mess with delivery schedules and make things more tricky than usual for truckers.

How the Industry Is Reacting

Truckers are pros at dealing with tough driving conditions. But an eclipse is a bit out of the ordinary. The industry is trying to work around the eclipse. They’re looking at alternative schedules and routes to keep things moving. Safety tips like keeping headlights on and not stopping on the road to watch the eclipse are being shared, too.

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State-by-State Eclipse Day Truck Travel Restrictions and Bans

As the total solar eclipse approaches, several states have announced specific measures to manage the expected surge in traffic. These restrictions mainly target oversized loads and commercial vehicles to ensure safety and minimize congestion. Here’s a breakdown of actions taken by individual states along the eclipse’s path:

Texas (TX)

  • No permits for oversized/overweight travel on April 8, 2024, in specified counties. The extensive list includes major areas like Dallas, Travis, and Bexar. Texas aims to reduce the risk of severe traffic delays by limiting large vehicle movements.

Arkansas (AR)

  • A complete ban on oversize travel from sunset on April 4 until sunrise on April 10. Arkansas is bracing for a significant influx of eclipse viewers, prompting this broad restriction to keep roads as clear as possible.

Oklahoma (OK)

  • Restrictions in McCurtain County: No oversized travel allowed on April 8-9, focusing on one of the prime viewing areas expected to draw large crowds.

Missouri (MO)

  • Superload restrictions: On April 8, the Southeast District will not permit the movement of superloads. This includes single-trip permits for vehicles over 12’6″ wide, over 13’6″ in height, and over 80,000 lbs.

Indiana (IN)

  • Advisory against oversized/overweight travel: The state recommends completing such movements either the day before or after the eclipse. Indiana is preparing for heavy congestion on state roads due to high traffic volumes.

Kentucky (KY)

  • No specific bans, but key locations are identified for likely backups. The state is focusing on managing congestion through the temporary removal of work zone lane restrictions and other strategic planning.

Illinois (IL)

  • No current restrictions, but truckers are advised to stay updated via official channels for any last-minute changes.

Vermont (VT)

  • Comprehensive travel restrictions: On April 8, travel is not allowed on state highways for loads exceeding 108,000 pounds, 12 feet in width, or 100 feet in length.

New York (NY)

  • Oversize travel restricted in affected counties from 6:00 AM on April 8 to 9:00 PM on April 9. This widespread measure aims to facilitate smoother traffic flow across the state’s key areas.

Pennsylvania (PA), New Hampshire (NH), and Maine (ME)

  • Localized restrictions and advisories are in place, with specifics varying by area. Truckers are encouraged to consult state transportation websites for detailed guidance.

Additional Measures Across States

Many states are taking proactive steps beyond vehicle restrictions to manage eclipse day traffic. These include:

  • Encouraging truckers to plan routes and schedules around the eclipse timeframe.
  • Issuing safety guidelines for driving during the eclipse, such as keeping headlights on and not stopping on highways to watch the event.
  • Staging state highway crews in strategic locations to manage traffic flow and assist in case of backups, especially post-eclipse.

Tips for Truckers on Eclipse Day

If you’re driving a truck on eclipse day, planning is key. Here are some tips:

  • Follow the state’s advice on truck travel.
  • Plan your route with the eclipse traffic in mind.
  • Expect delays and let your customers know you might be late.
  • Keep an eye on traffic updates.
  • Stay safe and don’t try to watch the eclipse while driving!

Eclipsing the Obstacles with Smart Planning

The 2024 eclipse is going to be a sight to see. But for truckers, it’s more about navigating around the extra traffic and logistics it will bring. With extra planning and patience, truckers can navigate these truck travel restrictions without too much trouble. The eclipse might be a rare event, but our truckers keep this country moving every day.

Image courtesy of NASA

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