The 41st Annual Shell Rotella SuperRigs Truck Show in Gillette, Wyoming, witnessed the crowning of the Best of Show, Truett and Crystal Novosad, from College Station, Texas, as they rode their 2007 Peterbilt 379 to victory.

2023 Shell Rotella SuperRigs Show: Truckers and Their Rigs

The 41st Annual Shell Rotella SuperRigs Truck Show in Gillette, Wyoming, witnessed the crowning of the Best of Show, Truett and Crystal Novosad, from College Station, Texas, as they rode their 2007 Peterbilt 379 to victory. The couple’s stunning truck, inspired by the legendary Doc Holiday, stood out among fierce competition and earned them a well-deserved $10,000 cash prize. Not only did they win the prestigious Best of Show award, but they also claimed the Steve Sturgess Best Theme award, further solidifying their place among the trucking elite.

Mark Aragon, hailing from Lasalle, Colorado, secured the first runner-up position with his remarkable 2003 Peterbilt 379 EXHD. Meanwhile, Ben Overton of Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada, captured the second runner-up spot with his striking 2020 Kenworth W9B.

The excitement continued in various other categories, with Cody Davis from Cokeville, Wyoming, emerging as the champion in multiple areas. Davis’s triumphs included first place in the tractor-trailer division, the Best Chrome award, and the prestigious People’s Choice award in his home state.

In the tractor division, the top honor went to Patrick Lahr from Denison, Iowa, for his impressive 2022 Peterbilt 389. Clyde Green from Cheyenne, Wyoming, earned the first-place distinction in the classic division with his timeless 1982 Kenworth W900 A.

The Shell Rotella SuperRigs event showcased a wide array of trucks, each a testament to the dedication and passion of their owners. The Nonworking/Show Truck category saw Truett and Crystal Novosad once again achieve victory, this time with their immaculate 1984 Peterbilt 359.

The Working Truck – Limited Mileage category presented Dennis Harris from Peshtigo, Wisconsin, as the first-place winner with his outstanding 2022 Kenworth W900. Barry Kasdorf from Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada, secured second place with his eye-catching 2023 Peterbilt 389X, earning him an additional $1,000 reward from Shell Rotella. John Fabris from Belle Fourche, South Dakota, claimed third place with his impressive 2018 Kenworth T880.

Among the other notable accolades, Ben Overton from Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada, was honored with the Best Engine award for his exceptional 2022 Kenworth W9B, while Cody Davis from Cokeville, Wyoming, was awarded the Best Chrome and Best Lights titles for his striking 2022 Kenworth W900L.

Richard Rukstalis from Morton, Illinois, secured the Best Interior award for his meticulously designed and comfortable 2018 Kenworth T680. Notably, Cody Davis’s remarkable performance continued with the SuperRigs People’s Choice award, adding another achievement to his name.

The 2023 Shell Rotella SuperRigs Truck Show featured a total of $25,000 in cash and prizes, rewarding the passion, creativity, and craftsmanship of truckers from across the United States and Canada. Each winner received a case of Shell Rotella T5 10W-30 Synthetic Blend engine oil and MyMilesMatter award points, adding to the prestige of their victories.

As the event concluded, the twelve trucks to be featured in the 2024 Shell Rotella SuperRigs Calendar were also announced, serving as a reminder of the enduring legacy of the trucking community and their commitment to excellence.

The 41st Shell Rotella SuperRigs Truck Show proved to be a remarkable celebration of the trucking industry’s dedication, innovation, and camaraderie. Truett and Crystal Novosad’s victory in the Best of Show category showcased the pinnacle of trucking artistry, earning them well-deserved recognition and a coveted spot in the esteemed 2024 Shell Rotella SuperRigs Calendar.

Congratulations to all the winners and participants who made this event a true testament to the spirit of trucking. As the trucks rolled out of the CAM-PLEX in Gillette, Wyoming, they left behind a trail of inspiration, uniting the trucking community under the banner of excellence and pride. The legacy of the 2023 Shell Rotella SuperRigs Truck Show will continue to inspire truckers and enthusiasts alike, fueling the passion that drives these mighty rigs across the highways of North America.

The Tradition of Shell Rotella SuperRigs

Shell Rotella SuperRigs is not just another truck show; it’s a celebration of trucking heritage and an opportunity for truckers to showcase their pride and joy—their rigs. With more than $25,000 in cash and prizes up for grabs, truckers eagerly participate in this contest, hoping to be among the twelve drivers whose trucks will be featured in the prestigious 2024 Shell Rotella SuperRigs Calendar.

The event has become a symbol of recognition and appreciation for the trucking community, highlighting their dedication and hard work. It allows truckers to connect, share experiences, and take part in friendly competitions that highlight the beauty and innovation of their vehicles.

The Venue: CAM-PLEX in Gillette, Wyoming

The CAM-PLEX in Gillette, Wyoming, serves as the perfect venue for the 41st Annual Shell Rotella SuperRigs. This multi-use facility spans over 1,000 acres and offers state-of-the-art amenities, including a fine arts theatre, a convention/exhibit hall, two multi-purpose pavilions, a racetrack, rodeo grounds, and ample RV sites with 30 and 50 amp hookups. Additionally, a sprawling 21-acre park and picnic area provide the perfect setting for families to unwind and enjoy the event.

Gillette, often referred to as the “Cowboy State,” has a rich history deeply rooted in the spirit of the American West. The rugged landscapes surrounding the town make it an ideal backdrop for showcasing these powerful trucks that dominate the highways.

Activities and Highlights

The 2023 Shell Rotella SuperRigs Truck Show will feature a wide array of activities and highlights designed to entertain, engage, and celebrate the hardworking spirit of truckers. Participants, their families, and the local community can look forward to the following events:

  1. Truck Parade: Witness an impressive procession of gleaming trucks as they roll through the heart of Gillette, showcasing the grandeur and beauty of the trucking industry.

  2. Contestant Dinner: An evening of camaraderie awaits the participants, giving them an opportunity to connect with fellow truckers and share stories from the road.

  3. Truck Lights Competition: Prepare to be dazzled as these heavy-duty rigs light up the night with their impressive displays of lights, transforming the truck show into a mesmerizing spectacle.

  4. Fireworks: The night sky will come alive with a breathtaking fireworks display, symbolizing the vibrant spirit of the trucking community.

  5. Musical Entertainment: Live performances by talented artists will keep the atmosphere alive with melodies, providing the perfect soundtrack to this momentous occasion.

Competing for Glory: Shell Rotella SuperRigs Awards

The heart of the Shell Rotella SuperRigs competition lies in the fierce contest for recognition across various award categories. The judges, industry experts, and enthusiasts carefully evaluate the trucks and their drivers, taking into account various aspects such as design, cleanliness, chrome, lights, theme, and engine prowess. The main award categories include:

  1. Best of Show: The pinnacle of achievement, this award is reserved for five of the most extraordinary trucks that embody the essence of hard work and dedication.

  2. Tractor Division: Recognizing the finest solo trucks on the road, this category rewards five drivers for their exceptional pride in their tractors.

  3. Tractor Trailer Division: Celebrating the artistry and functionality of combined rigs, this award acknowledges five truckers for their seamless integration of tractor and trailer.

  4. Classic Division: Paying tribute to the timeless beauty of vintage trucks, this category honors five drivers who preserve the legacy of trucking’s bygone era.

  5. Limited Mileage: For those trucks that do not rack up as many miles but still boast an outstanding appearance and design, this award category appreciates five participants.

  6. Non-Working Show Truck: Three trucks will receive recognition for their immaculate presentation and showmanship at the event.

In addition to these primary award categories, several specialty awards add further excitement to the competition. Drivers compete for titles such as:

  1. Best Interior: Acknowledging the attention to detail and comfort inside the cab, this award highlights the trucker’s second home.

  2. Best Chrome: Shining bright like stars on wheels, trucks with the most awe-inspiring chrome accents will be recognized.

  3. Best Theme: Celebrating creativity and innovation, this award honors trucks that carry unique and captivating themes.

  4. Best Engine: The heartbeat of any truck, engines with outstanding performance and presentation earn this distinguished accolade.

  5. Best Lights: Illuminating the night with brilliance, trucks with the most captivating light displays will receive this award.

Virtual People’s Choice: A Special Recognition

In an era of virtual connectivity, Shell Rotella SuperRigs introduces the “Virtual People’s Choice” award, which will be presented online. Truck enthusiasts from around the world can cast their votes and support their favorite trucks, amplifying the sense of community and appreciation for the hardworking truckers.

Participation: A Ticket to Prestige

Participating in the Shell Rotella SuperRigs Truck Show is not only an opportunity to win cash and prizes but also an entry into the exclusive world of the 2024 Shell Rotella SuperRigs Calendar. Only the twelve most remarkable trucks will be immortalized in this legendary calendar, becoming a testament to their drivers’ dedication and skill.

For many truckers, making it onto the pages of the calendar is a profound honor, signifying their place among the giants of the trucking industry. This achievement resonates far beyond the event itself, establishing them as icons and role models within the trucking community.

The Shell Rotella SuperRigs Truck Show is not just a contest; it’s a celebration of an industry that fuels progress and binds nations together. Through this event



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