2023 American Truck Historical Society

2023 American Truck Historical Society

The 2023 American Truck Historical Society (ATHS) National Convention and Truck Show has brought together hundreds of trucks from across the United States in Reno, Nevada. Held at the Grand Sierra Resort, this annual event offers attendees a unique opportunity to witness a wide array of antique and historical trucks alongside impressively customized modern trucks.

While the event is primarily known as a truck show, Laurence Gration, the executive director of ATHS, emphasizes that it is more than just that. He explains that the convention aspect of the event includes 14 seminars covering various truck-related topics. Gration states that attendees can learn about anything related to trucks, as experts will be presenting on a range of subjects. In addition to the educational seminars, visitors can explore the exhibitor booths and enjoy viewing the showcased trucks. While there is no longer an age limit on the trucks that can participate, most of them are notable for their age and historical significance.

Organizers report that by Thursday, approximately 600 trucks had already arrived at the venue, with over 100 more expected to register on-site. ATHS estimates that around 10,000 visitors will attend the show, eager to experience the vibrant trucking history on display.

Prior to the official start of the event, the Owner-Operator Independent Drivers Association (OOIDA) sponsored a Casino Kickoff Party on June 7. The party, exclusively for OOIDA members attending the truck show, featured food, drinks, and a casino equipped with “play money.” OOIDA has been a longstanding supporter of ATHS, and Lewie Pugh, OOIDA’s executive vice president, highlights the natural connection between the two organizations. Both ATHS members and OOIDA members share a deep passion for trucks and trucking. The partnership between the two groups has flourished, as approximately 40-50% of ATHS members also belong to OOIDA. This collaboration enhances the overall experience for truck enthusiasts and underscores the strong bond between trucking and small business owners within the industry.

The ATHS National Convention and Truck Show location changes each year, allowing people from different regions of the country to partake in the event. Future destinations for the convention include York, Pennsylvania in 2024, Madison, Wisconsin in 2025, and Cleveland, Ohio in 2026. The rotation of locations ensures broader accessibility and the opportunity for various communities to engage with the historical significance of trucks, the trucking industry, and its pioneers.

The ATHS, as stated on their website, is dedicated to preserving the rich history of trucks and the trucking industry, as well as honoring the pioneers who shaped the industry. The annual convention and truck show exemplify their commitment to this mission, providing a platform for enthusiasts, experts, and industry professionals to come together and celebrate the significant impact of trucks throughout history.

The annual ATHS National Convention and Truck Show in Reno, Nevada, serves as a gathering point for truck enthusiasts, historians, and industry professionals. The event showcases an impressive collection of antique and historical trucks alongside modern, customized trucks. With educational seminars, exhibitor booths, and the camaraderie between ATHS and OOIDA, the event offers a comprehensive experience that highlights the historical importance of trucks and the enduring legacy of the trucking industry. By rotating the convention’s location, ATHS ensures that truck enthusiasts from across the country can partake in this immersive celebration of trucking history and innovation.



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