Five Million Mile Werner Driver Joins the Journey to Haul the U.S. Capitol Christmas Tree

Five Million Mile Driver to Haul U.S. Capitol Christmas Tree

Every year, the arrival of the holiday season in the United States is marked by the grand tradition of selecting and delivering the U.S. Capitol Christmas Tree to Washington D.C. This year, as the 63-foot tall symbol of holiday spirit embarks on its journey from the Monongahela National Forest in West Virginia to the nation’s capital, it will receive a special escort from a remarkable team of individuals, including a truck driver recognized for achieving an extraordinary milestone in his career.

On November 3, 2023, the U.S. Capitol Christmas Tree was carefully harvested, beginning its epic voyage to the heart of the country. Werner Enterprises, a well-known name in the transportation industry, was chosen for the significant responsibility of delivering this iconic tree, and they have entrusted this task to two of their most dedicated professional drivers.

Jesus Davila, a 12-year Marine Corps veteran with a commendable record of more than 550,000 accident-free miles, is the first driver selected for this noble endeavor. His service in the Marine Corps has instilled in him a sense of discipline, precision, and responsibility that are crucial when transporting such precious cargo.

Tim Dean is the second driver chosen to lead the way, a seasoned truck driver who achieved a remarkable feat earlier in 2023 by completing five million accident-free miles over his illustrious career. Dean joined Werner Enterprises in 1988 and has since demonstrated an unwavering commitment to safety and excellence on the road. His achievement not only reflects his exceptional skill and dedication but also serves as an inspiration to all in the trucking industry.

To ensure the safe and efficient journey of the U.S. Capitol Christmas Tree, Kenworth returns for the tenth year as a major sponsor of this grand undertaking. The tree will be transported using a specially decorated Kenworth 100th anniversary T680 Signature Edition. This impressive truck is equipped with a 76-inch sleeper and features the formidable PACCAR Powertrain, which includes the PACCAR MX-13 engine rated at 455 horsepower, PACCAR TX-12 automated transmission, and PACCAR DX-40 tandem rear axles. With this state-of-the-art equipment, the tree is in capable hands for its cross-country adventure.

Derek Leathers, Chairman, President, and CEO of Werner Enterprises, expressed his pride and gratitude for being selected as the 2023 Capitol Christmas Tree project carrier, saying, “Werner’s selection as the 2023 Capitol Christmas Tree project carrier is truly an honor and testament to our hard work in keeping America moving, no matter the task.” He added, “The professional drivers entrusted with this prestigious project are highly skilled and embody our core values of safety, service, and leadership. They will do an exceptional job carrying out this unique project and tribute to our country.”

As the U.S. Capitol Christmas Tree makes its way to Washington D.C., it symbolizes the unity, hope, and joy that the holiday season brings to the nation. The dedication of drivers like Tim Dean and Jesus Davila, along with the support of companies like Werner Enterprises and Kenworth, ensures that this cherished tradition continues to shine brightly, bringing smiles to the faces of Americans, young and old, during this festive time of year.




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