Yellow Corp Bankruptcy Update 2024

Yellow Corp Bankruptcy: Liquidation Progress and Surprising Stock Surge

Yellow Corporation, a once-prominent player in the trucking industry, filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy in August 2023. Since then, the company has been selling off its equipment and assets as part of its liquidation process. Despite the financial turmoil, Yellow Corp.’s stock has dramatically increased by over 300% since the bankruptcy filing, drawing significant attention from investors and industry observers.

Financial Overview of the Yellow Corp Bankruptcy and Liquidation

As of April 30, 2024, Yellow Corp. has made substantial progress in its liquidation process. The company’s total receipts amount to $2.41 billion, while disbursements have reached $2.21 billion. This leaves the company with a current cash total of approximately $327.7 million, translating to about $6.29 per share. However, with the stock price at $7.47 per share, further asset sales will need to cover additional expenses and creditor recoveries to justify this valuation.

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Asset Sales: Rolling Stock and Real Estate

Yellow Corp. has generated significant cash from selling its owned and leased properties. The company has received $1.88 billion from auctioning 130 owned properties and $92 million from selling 23 leased properties. Additionally, the company has collected funds from accounts receivables, selling fuel oil and tires, and rolling stock sales. Despite these efforts, the sales of rolling stock have been disappointing, necessitating further asset sales to meet financial obligations.

Legal and Professional Fees Impact of the Yellow Corp Bankruptcy

The bankruptcy process has incurred high legal and professional fees, totaling $68.04 million as of April 30, 2024. These costs are expected to increase as the process continues, potentially reaching over $160 million. These fees are paid from the company’s cash reserves, impacting the potential recovery for shareholders.

Changes in Unsecured Creditors Committee

A significant development in the Yellow Corp bankruptcy proceedings is the change in the membership of the Official Committee of Unsecured Creditors. With Michelin North America’s resignation in early May, the committee now consists predominantly of members connected to labor and pension funds. This shift has altered the committee’s approach to the bankruptcy process, becoming potentially adversarial toward the company, which may negatively impact shareholders.

Ongoing Litigations

Several critical lawsuits are ongoing, impacting the potential recovery for Yellow Corp.’s shareholders. Labor organizations are pursuing approximately $7.8 billion in pension claims, which a bankruptcy court will handle rather than arbitration. This decision is viewed as a win for shareholders, as it allows for broader participation in the claims process. Additionally, Yellow Corp. faces $1 billion in WARN Act claims, with a trial set for September 2024. The outcome of these litigations will significantly influence the company’s financial future.

Future Prospects and Stock Valuation

Estimating the potential recoveries for Yellow Corp.’s shareholders involves various uncertainties. The company’s ongoing cash burn, estimated at $7 million per month, and high legal fees must be considered alongside the potential proceeds from further asset sales. While the sale of the remaining tractors and trailers is expected to bring in additional cash, the exact amounts are speculative, given the current market conditions for used trucks.

The company’s stock price suggests that investors expect significant recoveries from asset sales and possibly lower-than-expected legal fees or allowed claims. However, the path to shareholder recovery remains uncertain with numerous litigations and the complex nature of bankruptcy proceedings.

Looking Ahead

The Yellow Corp bankruptcy and liquidation process continues to unfold with numerous financial and legal challenges. The company’s efforts to sell assets have yielded substantial funds, but the high costs associated with the bankruptcy process and ongoing litigations pose significant hurdles. Investors and stakeholders are closely watching the developments, hoping for favorable outcomes that could lead to potential recoveries for shareholders. For now, the future of Yellow Corporation remains in flux as the company navigates its complex financial restructuring.

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