TruckWings by ConMet: Boosts Fuel Efficiency and Cuts Costs

TruckWings by ConMet: Boosts Fuel Efficiency and Cuts Costs

Bridging the Gap in Aerodynamics

For as long as trucks have roamed our highways, a persistent challenge has plagued the trucking industry: the inefficiency caused by the gap between the cab and trailer. This space, necessary for maneuvering at low speeds, becomes a source of turbulence and drag at higher speeds, leading to increased fuel consumption and higher carbon emissions. The quest for a solution has been a long-standing endeavor, touching on fundamental principles of physics and engineering.

The Innovation Behind TruckWings

Enter TruckWings, a groundbreaking aerodynamic device meticulously engineered to tackle this age-old issue head-on. Developed through the combined expertise of hardware engineers and software developers, TruckWings represents a monumental leap in transportation technology. Its collapsible wing assembly is designed to autonomously open and close, seamlessly bridging the gap between the cab and trailer, thus minimizing drag and maximizing efficiency.

This innovation isn’t just about reducing air resistance; it’s about reimagining the future of trucking. With a design life exceeding a million miles and a testing regime that ensures bulletproof reliability, TruckWings sets a new standard in transportation technology. From rigorous simulations to exhaustive road trials, every aspect of TruckWings has been scrutinized to ensure unparalleled performance and durability.

A Tested Solution with Proven Benefits

The effectiveness of TruckWings has been verified by extensive testing conducted by Mesilla Valley Transportation Solutions (MVTS), showcasing notable improvements in fuel efficiency for both diesel and compressed natural gas (CNG) trucks. The findings revealed a 6.2% improvement for diesel trucks and a 5.25% improvement for CNG trucks, marking a significant step forward in reducing operational costs and environmental impact.

These tests, conducted under controlled conditions on a circular track in Texas, offered a clear comparison between standard and TruckWings-equipped trucks, underscoring the device’s potential to transform fleet efficiency. Such advancements are not just about economics; they are a critical component in the industry’s broader environmental strategy, offering a tangible way to reduce carbon footprints and support sustainability goals.

Beyond Fuel Savings: Stability and Compatibility

The benefits of TruckWings extend beyond fuel savings. The system enhances the stability of tractor-trailers in crosswinds, contributing to safer driving conditions. Its automatic deployment mechanism requires no driver intervention, ensuring that the wings are only extended when beneficial, at speeds over 50 mph.

Moreover, TruckWings is versatile, compatible with a range of propulsion systems including diesel, CNG, battery-electric, and hydrogen fuel cell trucks. This adaptability ensures that the benefits of TruckWings can be realized across the diverse spectrum of modern trucking fleets.

The Road Ahead

With the backing of ConMet and the integration into TruckLabs’ innovative portfolio, TruckWings is poised for widespread adoption. While not yet a standard factory installation, the device can be easily fitted to existing vehicles, representing a cost-effective upgrade with significant returns on investment. At an average cost of $5,000 per unit, including warranty, the potential savings in fuel costs and carbon emissions make TruckWings an attractive proposition for forward-thinking fleets.

The introduction of TruckWings marks a pivotal moment in the pursuit of efficiency and sustainability in the trucking industry. As fleets look to navigate the challenges of fuel costs and environmental regulations, solutions like TruckWings offer a path to a more efficient, more sustainable future on the road. With every truck that takes flight with wings, the industry moves closer to achieving its goals of reduced emissions and enhanced profitability. The story of TruckWings is not just one of technological innovation; it is a testament to the trucking industry’s ongoing commitment to progress and environmental stewardship.

About ConMet

ConMet, a pivotal name in the commercial vehicle industry, stands as a global frontrunner in manufacturing OEM and aftermarket wheel hubs, along with structural plastic and aluminum casting components. Since its inception in 1964, ConMet has continuously set the standard for innovation and performance with its patented product lines including PreSet®, PreSet Plus®, and TruTurn®. These advancements have cemented ConMet’s reputation as the go-to source for lightweight, high-performance solutions in the heavy-duty truck and trailer market.

Based out of Vancouver, Washington, U.S.A., ConMet’s influence spans globally, supported by 13 manufacturing facilities across the United States, China, and Mexico. The company’s commitment to cutting-edge design and superior manufacturing technology has solidified its status as the first choice among commercial vehicle professionals, leveraging advanced processes such as Finite Element Analysis and Solidification Modeling to offer the most forward-thinking solutions available today.

ConMet’s journey from a subsidiary of Consolidated Freightways to an independent powerhouse marks a history of growth and innovation. With its roots tracing back to a single aluminum foundry, ConMet has evolved into a multi-faceted corporation with significant contributions to plastics manufacturing, proprietary wheel seals, and bearings, and groundbreaking hub systems like PreSet Plus®.

The company’s achievements are recognized through numerous awards and certifications, including IATF 16949:2016 or ISO 9001:2015 quality management systems, underscoring its commitment to excellence. The launch of ConMet Digital and ConMet eMobility exemplifies the company’s forward-thinking approach, aiming to revolutionize the commercial vehicle industry with smart, sustainable solutions. Through decades of innovation and dedication, ConMet has not only achieved $1 billion in sales but has also played a crucial role in shaping the future of transportation, making it an indispensable partner for fleets looking to navigate the demands of modern roadways and environmental standards.




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