Truck Trailer Wraps to Alert About Dangers of Fentanyl - Trucking Cares Foundation Launches Fentanyl Awareness Drive

Trucking Cares Foundation Launches Fentanyl Awareness Drive

The Trucking Cares Foundation (TCF) and Facing Fentanyl have collaborated to launch a campaign to combat the escalating fentanyl epidemic in the United States. Their effort introduces trailer wraps created with Lowen to raise awareness about the risks associated with Fentanyl, which has caused significant harm in communities nationwide.

The National Crisis of Fentanyl

The United States is facing a fentanyl epidemic that results in the deaths of more than 70,000 Americans each year with fatalities occurring approximately every five minutes. Fentanyl has become the leading cause of death among adults aged 18-45. What’s more, children under 14 are experiencing fentanyl related deaths at a rate faster than any other age group. These figures highlight the pressing need for action to combat this drug.

The Trucking Industry Takes a Stand

The trucking industry is using its reach through the TCF and Facing Fentanyl collaboration to raise awareness. Trucking companies now have the opportunity to purchase trailer wraps featuring service messages.

These messages, shared by families who have tragically lost loved ones to overdoses, are meant to warn those on the road about the dangers associated with the drug.

The decals are being offered at discounted rates to help trucking companies team up in the fight against Fentanyl. Unveiled at the 2024 ATA Technology & Maintenance Council Meeting and Transportation Technology Exhibition, these decals feature five designs created to grab attention and convey the urgent message about the lethal effects of fentanyl.

A Unified Effort Against Fentanyl

Phil Byrd, CEO of Bulldog Hiway Express and Chairman of TCF highlights the trucking industry’s dedication to raising awareness about the epidemic. Byrd mentions that the industry has a history of addressing issues by supporting addiction recovery programs and working with law enforcement agencies against drug trafficking.

Furthermore, this initiative is particularly significant with ATA’s backing of the END FENTANYL Act, which aims to empower Customs and Border Protection officers in intercepting fentanyl before it enters communities.

The Strength of Resilience and Awareness

Andrea Thomas, co founder of Voices for Awareness and Facing Fentanyl emphasized how families affected by fentanyl have shown resilience. Despite their losses, these families are channeling their sorrow into a catalyst for change.
Through raising awareness, educational programs, and working closely with responders, they are dedicated to preventing tragedies.

The decals are made with 3M vinyl and covered with a laminate film ensuring impactful messaging for up to seven years. With a discount from Lowen, trucking companies can better afford to participate in this public service initiative.

Looking Forward; Building a Strong Community

The public awareness campaign marks an advancement in the trucking industry’s continuous commitment to serving the community. Through partnerships with Facing Fentanyl and Lowen, TCF is not only paying tribute to those who have lost their lives to fentanyl, but also paving the way for a future where such heartbreaking incidents become less common.

As this campaign spreads throughout the nation’s highways, it serves as a demonstration of the impact of efforts in addressing a severe public health crisis. The trucking sector, renowned for its role in keeping America on the move, now also leads the charge in saving lives from fentanyl’s grip.

Orders for the decals can be placed through Lowen.

Image and information courtesy of The Trucking Cares Foundation.




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