Truck Safety Recall: Paccar Acts on Gear Shifter Fault

Truck Safety Recall: Paccar Acts on Gear Shifter Fault

Paccar, a key player in the truck manufacturing industry, has initiated a significant recall involving 116,343 trucks. This recall impacts a range of models from two of its flagship brands, Peterbilt and Kenworth. The models affected are specifically for model years 2021 through 2024. The reason behind this extensive recall is an issue with the gear shifter that raises safety concerns.

Understanding the Gear Shifter Issue

The heart of the recall is in a defect with the right-hand gear shifter stalk connectors. Investigations revealed that these connectors might not have been properly crimped, potentially leading to a disconnect between the gear shifter and the transmission. This issue could render the vehicle immobile after stopping, significantly increasing the risk of accidents on the road.

Models Affected by the Recall

The recall involves a wide array of models, indicating the depth of the issue.

Affected Peterbilt models include:

  • 348
  • 365
  • 367
  • 389
  • 535
  • 536
  • 537
  • 548
  • 567
  • 579

For Kenworth, the models include:

  • T680
  • W990
  • T180
  • T280
  • T380
  • T480
  • T880

Owners of these models are advised to take note of this recall due to its potential impact on vehicle operation and safety.

Next Steps for Truck Owners

Paccar plans to reach out to the owners of the affected vehicles with notification letters set to be mailed by May 7, 2024. These letters will provide detailed information on the recall process. Authorized dealers will conduct inspections and replace the gear shifter assembly at no cost if a defect is identified. It’s estimated that approximately 4% of the recalled trucks will have the defect.

Reimbursement for Previous Repairs

For owners who have already encountered this issue and have had to pay out of pocket for repairs, Paccar is offering a reimbursement process. This initiative aims to compensate owners who proactively addressed the gear shifter issue before the official recall announcement.

Assistance from Manufacturers

To assist owners in navigating the recall process, Paccar has made customer service contacts available for both Kenworth and Peterbilt.

Kenworth customer service: 1-425-828-5888

Peterbilt customer service: 1-940-591-4220

Paccar’s numbers for this recall are 24PBE and 24KWE.

These lines are open for owners seeking further information or clarification regarding the recall and the steps they need to take. 

Owners can also contact the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration Vehicle by calling its Safety Hotline at 1-888-327-4236, by visiting their website at

Vehicle Safety Concerns 

This recall highlights Paccar’s commitment to vehicle safety and reliability. It follows closely on the heels of another recall concerning a steering issue, highlighting the company’s proactive stance on addressing potential safety risks. These measures reflect the industry’s broader focus on maintaining high safety standards and the importance of regulatory compliance.

The announcement of Paccar’s recall is a critical development for truck owners and the trucking industry at large. It emphasizes the need for caution regarding vehicle maintenance and safety. As the process unfolds, Paccar aims to minimize inconvenience and ensure the safety of all affected vehicles through this recall. Owners of the specified models are encouraged to respond promptly to the recall notice to ensure their vehicles remain safe and operational.




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