Truck Driver from Clearwater, FL Among Best in the World

For the past 12 years, Joe Marshall has been an integral part of the City of Clearwater, Florida, not just as a dedicated trash truck driver but also as a champion in driving competitions. Since 2017, Marshall has been showcasing his exceptional driving skills, honed through years of navigating Clearwater’s streets.

Marshall’s participation in these competitions isn’t just for the thrill of it. They serve a dual purpose. “The obstacles actually assist us in our daily work,” Marshall explains. He believes that these competitions help in refining his skills, ensuring that he can maneuver safely through the city. As an equipment manager with Clearwater Solid Waste, Marshall’s dedication to his craft is evident.

His skill was recognized at the Solid Waste Association of North America’s state competition, where he clinched first place, earning a spot at the prestigious International Driving Competition in Colorado. Competing in the tractor trailer category, Marshall secured a commendable third place. Despite aiming higher, he acknowledges the honor in representing Florida and Clearwater on an international stage. “It was exciting. It was bittersweet,” Marshall reflects on his experience.

The competition wasn’t just about driving; it included a written safety test and an obstacle course designed to test a range of skills like parallel parking, navigating through cones, and the challenging task of backing into an alley dock. Marshall admits that the “alley back” is his toughest challenge, especially the blind side version he encountered in Colorado, which requires backing into barricades without a clear line of sight.

Consistently placing third for two consecutive years and participating for three years in the international competition, Marshall is a force to be reckoned with in the trucking world. His goal for next year? To reach the top spot. He’s not the only one from the Clearwater Solid Waste team with ambitions; five other team members also competed, showcasing the team’s depth of talent.

For truckers everywhere, Marshall’s story is an inspiring one. It highlights the importance of continuous skill development, the pursuit of excellence, and representing one’s community with pride. Whether you’re navigating city streets or participating in international competitions, the drive for improvement and safe operation remains a constant goal. Joe Marshall, with his sights set on first place next year, is a testament to the dedication and skill that epitomizes the best in the trucking industry.




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