Myrtle Creek's Christmas Semi-Truck Parade

Semi-Truck Parade: A Night of Festive Christmas Lights in Myrtle Creek

As the chilly December air begins to bite, the small town of Myrtle Creek, Oregon, lights up in a way that warms the heart. The annual D.R. Johnson Memorial Timber Trucker’s Light Parade, a cherished tradition, brought a cascade of lights and holiday cheer to this tight-knit community on December 9th. This event isn’t just a parade; it’s a symbol of unity, joy, and the spirit of the season.

The Parade’s Journey Through Myrtle Creek

More than 50 trucks, bedecked with shimmering Christmas lights, embarked on a journey through the town, igniting the festive mood. The route started from the D.R. Johnson Lumber Company yard in Riddle, snaking through downtown Riddle, along Pruner Road, and finally along Old Pacific Highway 99 into the heart of Myrtle Creek, concluding on Division Street. The highlight of the parade coincided with the city lighting its Christmas tree, marking the heart of Old Towne Christmas celebrations.

Community Spirit in Every Horn and Siren

As the parade progressed, the sound of honking horns and deployed sirens resonated, not as a cacophony, but as a harmonic symphony of community spirit. The onlookers, wrapped in their winter gear, watched with eyes reflecting the myriad of lights that passed by. Dannie Kitchel, a resident who watched the parade with her grandson, shared her delight, noting it was the first time since moving to Myrtle Creek that the weather had been conducive to enjoy the spectacle. Her words, “I’m a parade girl, I love parades no matter where they are,” echoed the sentiments of many.

The Heartbeat of Myrtle Creek

Christy Hale, another resident, encapsulated the significance of the parade: “Everybody looks forward to this, all year long. It is a big deal.” However, she also noted a lower turnout than usual, a sparse crowd that hinted at changing times or perhaps other factors at play. Yet, the spirit remained undeterred, as favorites like a truck hosting a nativity scene and an ambulance adorned with inflatable deer and the Grinch rolled by, each eliciting smiles and cheers.

More Than Just a Parade

This parade represents more than just a procession of decorated trucks; it’s a testament to the strength and warmth of a community. In a year where gatherings have become more precious, the parade stood as a beacon of hope and joy. It was a night when truckers, typically seen as the lifelines of logistics, transformed into the carriers of joy, weaving through the streets of Myrtle Creek with their festive payloads.

The Enduring Light of Community

As the last truck made its way through the parade route, the lights might have dimmed, but the glow in the hearts of Myrtle Creek’s residents burned brighter. The D.R. Johnson Memorial Timber Trucker’s Light Parade is more than a holiday event; it’s a reminder of the enduring power of community, tradition, and the simple joy of a parade under the Oregon night sky.




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