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R+L Carriers Trucking: Jobs, Pay, and Company Insights

R+L Carriers is a prominent name in the freight transportation industry, offering reliable services across North America. Here’s a detailed look at the company, its offerings, and what makes it an attractive choice for employees and customers alike.

Company Background Information

Name: R+L Carriers
Headquarters Location: Wilmington, Ohio, USA
Regions Served: North America (United States, Canada, Mexico)
Number of Employees: Approximately 12,000
Fleet Size: Over 21,000 tractors and trailers
Types of Cargo Transported: General freight, hazardous materials, temperature-sensitive products, oversized loads, expedited shipments
Safety Record: Known for strong safety practices and compliance with federal regulations
Company History Summary: Founded in 1965 by Ralph L. “Larry” Roberts, Sr., R+L Carriers started with a single truck hauling furniture. Over the decades, the company has expanded significantly, becoming a leading player in the less-than-truckload (LTL) transportation industry. With a focus on innovation and customer service, R+L Carriers has maintained steady growth and industry respect.

Job Opportunities

R+L Carriers offers a range of job opportunities for drivers and other professionals. Here are some key positions:

Potential Job Titles: OTR Driver, LTL Driver
Job Descriptions: Drivers are responsible for transporting freight across regional and long-haul routes, ensuring timely and safe delivery. Duties include loading/unloading cargo, maintaining logs, and vehicle inspections.
Employment Types: Full-Time, Part-Time, Contract
Required Qualifications: CDL (Commercial Driver’s License), relevant endorsements (e.g., Hazmat), clean driving record, minimum age requirement (typically 21 years)
Position Availability: Various openings nationwide, with specific needs varying by region and demand.


R+L Carriers provides competitive salaries and benefits for its employees:

Base Salary Range: $45,000 – $75,000 annually
Average Salary: As of May 2024, reports the national average pay for Truck Driver Jobs at R+L Carriers to be $94,135 (click here for current information from
Pay Structure: Per mile, hourly, salary options depending on position and route
Overtime Pay Availability: Yes, with competitive rates
Bonus Types and Average Amounts: Performance bonuses, safety bonuses, sign-on bonuses; average amounts vary but can range from $1,000 to $5,000


R+L Carriers offers a comprehensive benefits package to support its employees:

Health Insurance: Comprehensive plans including medical, dental, and vision coverage
Retirement Plans: 401(k) plans with company match, pension plans for long-term employees
Paid Time Off: Vacation days, sick leave, paid holidays
Home Time Policy: Regular home time for drivers, varying by route and position
Training and Development Opportunities: Ongoing training programs, professional development courses, certification support
Employee Assistance Programs: Counseling services, financial planning assistance, wellness programs

Reviews and Ratings

R+L Carriers is well-regarded by its employees and in the industry:

Employee Satisfaction Rating: Generally high, with many positive reviews on work environment and management support
Safety Rating: Excellent safety ratings, compliance with DOT regulations
Driver Retention Rate: Above industry average, reflecting strong employee satisfaction and support

Employee Reviews
A current truck driver from Gallipolis Ferry, WV writes on “Nothing bad really, just don’t make plans on Friday evenings, because you might be out late to get last minute pickup orders. Because YOU ARE OFF on weekends!!!!”

Another current truck driver from Pembroke Pines, FL says, “I’m work for many years in this Company and feel like is my second home because the sense of my responsibilities is part of my time when I do my job is not a perfect place but is one of the best, thank you.”

A former employee from Lumberton, NC writes: “R+L was the best and my favorite company I’ve ever worked. I loved everything about the company and the people. In my opinion the pay is awesome and the benefits are unmatched…”

Safety and Equipment

Safety and equipment standards are high at R+L Carriers:

Average Age of Fleet: Modern fleet with an average age of 3-4 years
Maintenance Policies: Regular maintenance schedules, comprehensive checks, and prompt repairs
Safety Features and Technologies: Advanced safety technologies including collision mitigation systems, electronic logging devices, and real-time tracking
Driver Safety Programs: Extensive safety training, ongoing safety education, incentive programs for safe driving
Compliance with Regulations: Fully compliant with DOT and OSHA regulations

Work-Life Balance

R+L Carriers values work-life balance for its employees:

Average Home Time: Regular home time policies, varying by route and schedule
Flexible Scheduling Options: Various scheduling options available to accommodate personal needs
Driver Support Services: 24/7 driver support hotlines, on-road assistance
Family-Friendly Policies: Support for family emergencies, family health insurance options
Driver Community Activities: Regular company-sponsored events, community outreach programs

Career Advancement

R+L Carriers supports career growth and development:

Internal Advancement Opportunities: Clear pathways for career growth within the company
Training Programs Offered: Comprehensive training for new and experienced drivers
Leadership Development Programs: Programs aimed at developing future leaders within the company
Recognition Programs: Awards and recognition for exceptional performance and service
Driver Mentorship Programs: Experienced drivers mentor new hires, providing guidance and support

Operational Metrics

Operational efficiency is a key focus at R+L Carriers:

Average Miles per Route: Varies by route, with OTR routes averaging higher miles
Load Turnaround Times: Efficient load and unload processes, minimal downtime
On-Time Delivery Rate: High on-time delivery rate, demonstrating reliability
Fuel Efficiency: Emphasis on fuel-efficient practices and technologies
Customer Service Ratings: Strong customer service ratings, with high satisfaction scores

Company Culture

R+L Carriers prides itself on a strong company culture:

Core Values: Integrity, customer focus, teamwork, innovation
Mission Statement: Committed to providing superior freight transportation solutions with a focus on safety, reliability, and customer satisfaction
Community Involvement: Active involvement in local communities through charitable initiatives and sponsorships
Diversity and Inclusion Initiatives: Commitment to fostering a diverse and inclusive workplace
Environmental Sustainability Efforts: Efforts to reduce carbon footprint through green technologies and practices

Recruitment and Application Process

Joining R+L Carriers involves a thorough recruitment process:

Application Process Steps: Online application, phone screening, in-person interview, driving test
Hiring Criteria: Relevant experience, clean driving record, necessary endorsements
Interview Process Description: Thorough interview process including skills assessment and behavioral interview
Background Check Policies: Comprehensive background checks including driving record and criminal history
Orientation and Onboarding Procedures: Detailed orientation program, hands-on training, mentorship for new hires

R+L Carriers stands out as a robust and reliable player in the freight transportation industry, offering ample opportunities for drivers and other professionals. With a commitment to safety, employee satisfaction, and community involvement, it remains a top choice for those seeking a career in transportation. 

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