Louisiana Truck Driving Champs Champ: Fedex's Corey Mitchell

Louisiana Truck Driving Champs Champ: Fedex’s Corey Mitchell

In the competitive arena of trucking, excellence behind the wheel is not just about speed—it’s about skill, precision, and a deep commitment to safety. The 2024 Louisiana Truck Driving Championships provided a vivid showcase of these attributes, crowning a FedEx Freight driver as its grand champion. This event, the inaugural National Truck Driving Championship competition of the year, turned the spotlight on the unsung heroes of the road, highlighting their critical role in maintaining the lifelines of commerce and safety.

A Showcase of Skill and Safety

Held on March 1-2 at the L’Auberge Casino and Hotel in Baton Rouge, with a driving course meticulously set up in the overflow lot across the hotel, the championships drew a crowd of industry professionals and enthusiasts. The event, presented by the Louisiana Motor Truck Association Foundation, was more than a competition; it was a testament to the industry’s dedication to promoting safety and professionalism among its ranks.

Corey Mitchell, representing FedEx Freight, emerged as a standout competitor, clinching the title of grand champion. His victories spanned across the straight truck class and the Mechanic’s Award, the latter recognizing his unmatched skill in the pre-trip inspection with the highest score. His contributions were pivotal in leading the FedEx Freight team to secure the coveted Team Trophy, underscoring the collective strength and expertise of the squad.

Recognizing New Talents

The competition also spotlighted emerging talents in the field. David Jowers from Old Dominion Freight Line was honored with the Rookie of the Year award, a commendation for his exceptional performance, marking him as the driver with the highest score among first-time participants in a trucking championship.

Rigorous Competition, Unwavering Dedication

The championships challenged participants across three rigorous tests designed to evaluate a driver’s knowledge, skill, and commitment to safety. Competitors faced an hour-long written examination, a pre-trip inspection to identify 17 defects within a limited timeframe, and a field test course simulating real-world driving conditions. Each of these components was crafted to mirror the challenges drivers face daily, emphasizing the importance of readiness and the application of safety protocols.

Celebrating Excellence Across Categories

The event celebrated winners in various categories, showcasing the breadth of talent and expertise within the industry:

  • Flat Bed: Joseph Vital of FedEx Freight took first place, with Mark Collins and Christopher Colomb from Walmart securing the second and third spots.
  • Step Van: Gary Tyler from Monroe, John N John Truckline, emerged victorious, followed by Nicholas Burgess of Walmart and Donald Williams of FedEx Ground.
  • Straight Truck: Corey Mitchell of FedEx Freight led, with LeRoy Williams of XPO and Jordan Chaisson of FedEx Freight completing the top three.
  • And many more: Winners in categories from 3 Axle Van to Twin Trailers demonstrated the diverse skill set present within the field.

These champions, along with other first-place winners, are set to represent the LMTA Foundation and the state of Louisiana at the 2024 American Trucking Association National Truck Driving Championships in Indianapolis, August 21-24 of this year.

Beyond the Competition

While the championships focus on demonstrating skill and promoting safety, they also foster a sense of community among competitors. Stories of drivers like Nick Arnold, a FedEx Freight driver who has previously won the 2018 Four Axle National Championship, illustrate the impact of these competitions beyond the trophies. Despite not securing the top spot this year, Arnold’s dedication to safety and his appreciation for the community formed around these events highlight the true essence of these championships.

Former national champion Don Logan reflects on the competition as a humbling experience, surrounded by drivers who excel in their field. It’s a sentiment echoed by many participants, who value the camaraderie and the opportunity to learn from one another as much as the competition itself.

Driving Forward

The 2024 Louisiana Truck Driving Championships have once again underscored the critical role that truckers play in our everyday lives. Through their skill, dedication, and unwavering commitment to safety, they ensure that the wheels of commerce continue to turn smoothly. As the industry looks forward to the national championships and beyond, the spirit of excellence and community demonstrated in Baton Rouge serves as a beacon for all those who take to the roads, striving to keep them safe for everyone.

In celebrating the achievements of these drivers, we’re reminded of the intricate dance of precision, skill, and safety that defines the trucking industry. It’s a testament to the professionals who navigate the roads every day, ensuring the safe and timely delivery of goods across the nation. The Louisiana Truck Driving Championships are not just a competition; they’re a celebration of the tireless dedication that underpins the trucking industry, a tribute to those who drive the economy forward, one safe mile at a time.




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