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Hogan Transportation: A Century of Excellence in Trucking

In the sprawling landscape of American trucking companies, there are a few that stand out not only for their longevity but also for their commitment to excellence. Hogan Transportation, founded in 1918 by Joseph Hogan in St. Louis, Missouri, is one such company that has weathered the test of time while continuously evolving to meet the ever-changing needs of the transportation industry.

The Early Years: A One-Truck Operation

Joseph Hogan started his business as a humble local cartage company with just one truck. His dedication to providing reliable service quickly gained him a reputation as a dependable business partner within the St. Louis community. Word of mouth spread, and Hogan Transportation became known for its commitment to customer satisfaction.

The Mid-20th Century Transformation

In the 1950s, Joseph’s son, Carl Hogan, Sr., joined the family business. Under his leadership, Hogan Transportation expanded its services to meet the growing transportation needs of its clients. This expansion was facilitated by the development of the U.S. interstate highway system, which made trucking an economically viable mode of shipping.

During this period, Hogan’s reputation for excellence continued to grow. New clients sought their services based on positive referrals, and the company blossomed from a small, local cartage operation into a full-service, regional transportation provider. Carl Hogan, Sr., also had a passion for Indy Racing, achieving considerable success with his racing team, further solidifying the Hogan name in the world of competitive motorsports.

The Legacy Continues: The Hogan Brothers

In the 1980s, Carl Hogan, Sr.’s three sons – Carl, Jr., David, and Brian – assumed control of the company’s day-to-day operations. They worked closely together, learning the business from the ground up and embracing the core values of Hogan’s service tradition. What began as a one-truck, local delivery service founded by their grandfather had now evolved into a comprehensive, multifaceted transportation company operating across North America.

The Present and Future: A Commitment to Excellence

Today, Hogan Transportation proudly carries forward the legacy established by Joseph Hogan over a century ago. The company continues to uphold a tradition of unparalleled, personalized service, incorporating cutting-edge technology and first-class equipment into its operations. At the heart of it all, the Hogan brothers remain steadfast in their commitment to customer satisfaction, which has been the bedrock of their family’s success for nearly a century.

Hogan’s Vision, Mission, and Values

Hogan Transportation’s success is grounded in a clear vision, mission, and set of values:

  • Vision: To be recognized as the most respected transportation provider in the industry by focusing on delivering the highest quality experience for customers, employees, and strategic partners.

  • Mission: To provide excellent value for customers through high-quality, innovative, solution-based services that foster long-lasting, mutually beneficial business relationships. Additionally, Hogan aims to create a highly respected brand, attract and retain outstanding employees, drive financial success, contribute positively to communities, and maintain an organizational culture based on family values.

  • Values: Hogan Transportation places a strong emphasis on integrity, professionalism, responsibility, safety, teamwork, pursuit of excellence, and unwavering commitment.

Hogan Trucking Jobs: Opportunities and Benefits

Hogan Transportation offers a wide range of job opportunities, including positions for experienced drivers, student drivers, owner-operators, and car haulers. Drivers at Hogan are well-compensated, with an average salary of $83,876 per year, according to data from Indeed.com. Local drivers report earnings closer to $60,000 per year.

The company provides several benefits to its employees, including holiday pay, vacation pay, a passenger program, a puppy policy, dental insurance, life insurance, medical insurance, a 401(k) plan, late-model trucks, and various home time options.

Hogan Transportation is committed to hiring dedicated CDL drivers and offers generous sign-on bonuses and training for in-demand positions. The requirements for working at Hogan include holding a Class A CDL, being 21 years of age or older, and having a clean driving record.

The company is also known for hiring military veterans and even new CDL graduates, ensuring fair pay for all its drivers.

Expanding Opportunities for Owner-Operators

Hogan Transportation is actively seeking owner-operators to join their team, offering positions that cater to the unique needs of independent trucking professionals. While specific salary ranges for owner-operators are not available at the moment, Hogan is actively recruiting in various states.

Hogan Transportation – A Company Built on Tradition and Excellence

Hogan Transportation’s century-long journey from a single truck operation to a prominent player in the North American transportation industry is a testament to its unwavering commitment to service excellence. With a clear vision, mission, and values, the company continues to attract and retain top talent, ensuring its place as a respected and successful transportation provider for generations to come.

Information based from 08/2023 – Check for Updates.


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