FedEx Freight's Milestone of Holiday Cheer: 300,000th Christmas Tree for Military Families

FedEx Freight’s Milestone of Holiday Cheer: 300,000th Christmas Tree for Military Families

In the heart of the festive season, a remarkable story unfolds on the roads and highways of America. It’s a tale of dedication, community spirit, and the unbreakable bond between those who serve and those who support. This year, FedEx Freight, a name synonymous with reliability and service in the trucking industry, is set to achieve a monumental milestone. They are delivering their 300,000th Christmas tree to military families, a gesture that transcends mere transportation and touches the lives of thousands.

The Milestone Tree: Symbol of Dedication and Joy

The journey to the 300,000th tree is a story of tireless commitment. On December 1, the milestone tree, along with nearly 16,000 others, will make its way to Fort Liberty, a beacon of joy for military families stationed at over 90 bases across the United States. This delivery is not just about the numbers; it’s a testament to FedEx Freight’s unwavering dedication to the Christmas SPIRIT Foundation’s Trees for Troops program.

Lance Moll, the President and CEO of FedEx Freight, proudly shares his thoughts on this achievement. He speaks of the tireless efforts of the FedEx Freight team, highlighting how this milestone reflects their dedication to supporting Trees for Troops and the Christmas SPIRIT Foundation. Through their industry-leading transportation network, FedEx Freight honors its commitment to giving back to local communities and military families, whose values align closely with the company’s core mission.

A Journey Spanning Nearly Two Decades

The Trees for Troops program, supported by FedEx Freight since its inception in 2005, is more than just a corporate initiative. It’s a heartwarming endeavor that delivers farm-grown Christmas trees to U.S. military bases at home and abroad. The FedEx Freight drivers, the unsung heroes of this story, have logged more than 600,000 miles in their journey to spread holiday cheer. Each mile driven, each tree delivered, carries with it a message of gratitude and appreciation for the sacrifices made by military personnel and their families.

Wendy Richardson, chair of the Christmas SPIRIT Foundation’s Board of Trustees, reminisces about the program’s humble beginnings. In its first year, they delivered 4,300 trees to just five bases. Fast forward 19 years, and the program has grown exponentially, surpassing 300,000 total trees delivered. This growth is a reflection of the commitment and dedication of everyone involved, from the volunteers to the drivers, all united in their mission to provide Christmas spirit to the men, women, and families in the military.

The Community Comes Together

The magic of Trees for Troops comes alive as hundreds of donors and volunteers join forces each year. The program officially kicks off on November 27, a day marked by community spirit and collective effort. The public plays a crucial role in this endeavor, with two primary ways to contribute. Individuals can donate a tree for delivery to a base at one of the official Trees for Troops locations, some of which offer online tree purchase options for convenience. To ensure the trees reach their destinations in time, donated trees must be purchased by December 3, allowing FedEx Freight to efficiently handle pick-up and delivery.

Alternatively, those wishing to support the cause can visit the Trees for Troops website to make online donations. The program’s presence on social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and Twitter allows supporters to stay updated and engaged with the initiative’s progress.

More Than Just a Delivery: A Message of Unity and Gratitude

For truckers, each tree carried in their trailers is more than just cargo; it’s a symbol of unity, gratitude, and the holiday spirit. As they navigate the country’s roads, they carry with them the joy and warmth of the holiday season, bridging the distance between those at home and those serving far away. The Trees for Troops program serves as a poignant reminder of the power of community and the impact of thoughtful gestures.

In trucking, where every delivery holds significance, this program stands out as a beacon of hope and joy. It’s a reminder that behind every freight, there’s a story, a purpose, and an opportunity to make a difference. As FedEx Freight prepares to deliver its 300,000th tree this holiday season, it’s not just a milestone for the company but a celebration of the spirit of giving, unity, and appreciation for the military community.

FedEx Freight’s journey with Trees for Troops is more than a story of logistics and transportation; it’s a narrative of heart, commitment, and the power of community. It showcases how the trucking industry plays a vital role in bringing joy and comfort to those who need it most, especially during the holiday season. As we reflect on this incredible milestone, let’s remember the broader impact of our industry — connecting lives, delivering joy, and driving the spirit of Christmas!




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