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Estes Express Truck Driver Jobs – Pay, Benefits, and Insight

Founded in 1931 during the Great Depression by W.W. Estes, Estes Express has grown from a modest one-man operation into the nation’s largest privately held freight carrier. Today, with a workforce exceeding 22,000 employees and a robust fleet, Estes Express not only promises exceptional freight solutions across the United States, Canada, Mexico, Puerto Rico, and the Caribbean but also champions significant environmental sustainability efforts​.

Environmental Commitment

As a leader in the logistics sector, Estes Express has taken proactive steps toward environmental stewardship, emphasizing its dedication to sustainability. The company’s initiatives include partnering with Watershed to benchmark sustainability efforts, participating in Remora’s carbon capture pilot to reduce CO2 emissions, and investing in electric and natural gas-powered vehicles. These efforts underscore Estes’ commitment to not only meeting today’s logistic needs but also ensuring a healthier planet for future generations​​.

Core Company Values

At the heart of Estes Express’ operations are its core values, which foster a family-inspired culture, emphasize safety, and encourage innovation. With nearly a century of experience, the company prides itself on a work environment that mirrors family values, promotes safety at every turn, and cultivates new ideas and technologies to improve services continually​.

A Snapshot of Estes Express

Employees and Fleet

As of 2021, Estes Express boasted over 21,700 employees, including more than 9,900 drivers, and operated a fleet of over 8,500 tractors and 34,000 trailers. These numbers not only reflect the company’s significant presence in the logistics industry but also its capacity to deliver efficient and reliable freight solutions through thousands of truck driver jobs​​.

Operational Footprint

With more than 270 terminals across the U.S. and Canada, Estes ensures comprehensive coverage and efficient logistics solutions for a myriad of shipping needs, further solidifying its position as a logistics leader​.


Estes Express has garnered recognition for its workplace and operational excellence, including being named among America’s Best Large Employers by Forbes and receiving multiple LTL Carrier of the Year awards. These accolades highlight Estes’ commitment to its employees, its operational excellence, and its unwavering dedication to customer satisfaction​.

Salary and Benefits for Truck Driver Jobs

The salary range for company drivers can vary based on position and location.

As of March 2024, reports the national average annual base salary for Truck Driver Jobs at Estes Express to be $98,732 (click here for current information from

Benefits offered include:

  • Health, Vision, and Dental Insurance
  • Life Insurance
  • 401k with Company Match
  • Paid Time Off/Vacation
  • Sick Pay
  • Credit Union
  • Weekly Pay and Direct Deposit
  • Safe Driving Bonus Program
  • College Scholarship Program Awards

Reviews and Ratings from

  • An employee from Worcester, MA writes, “If you want to work for a company that cares about it’s employees, goes the extra mile to make you feel part of the family and pays top wages. Then you found your forever work home. This is fast paced work environment that promotes from within, family oriented with a very fair management style. Long tenured employees at every terminal tells a lot in this day.”
  • A current trucker from Markham, IL says, “Now I can’t speak for the other terminals but the terminal I work at in Markham, IL is great. I’m not overworked or stressed out by dispatch they pretty much let us do our own thing and take our word if we can’t deliver or pick up something. I don’t work long hours I do a typical 8hrs sometimes less (depending of how fast I’m moving) with opportunity to come in on the weekends. The work life balance is great too, so you’ll still have time to spend with your family or tend to your hobbies. The managers and supervisors are really great and understanding they will try their best to help you. I know you hear jobs saying they’re like a family but this one genuinely feels that way. From the dockworkers, drivers, supervisors and management it’s overall a great company and I’m blessed to be working here. Yeah it has it little annoyances and minor inconvenience but what job doesn’t.”
  • Another employee from Dallas, TX writes, “Great place to work with great pay and benefits. Shops at most of the larger terminals. New equipment. Plenty of work. Hotels everyday. Nationwide LTL company.”

Truck Driver Jobs with Estes Express

Estes Express continues to build on its legacy of delivering exceptional freight solutions with a keen eye on environmental sustainability and innovation. By embracing its core values and focusing on sustainable practices, Estes not only leads the way in the logistics industry but also sets a standard for corporate responsibility. As the company moves forward, its focus on family-inspired values, combined with a commitment to safety, innovation, and environmental stewardship, ensures that Estes Express remains a vital player in the global logistics landscape for years to come.

To apply for truck driver jobs with Estes Express, visit their job site.

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