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Driver Wayne Hayes: A Journey of Excellence and Safety

In a resounding celebration of unparalleled skill, unwavering dedication, and an unyielding commitment to safety, Wayne Hayes, a seasoned professional driver with AutoZone, stands proudly as the distinguished recipient of the 2023 International Driver Excellence Award (IDEA). The Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance (CVSA) pays homage to Hayes for his exceptional contributions to the realm of commercial driving, having amassed an astonishing 4.1 million safe miles over his illustrious 38-year career.

Wayne Hayes, renowned for his meticulous navigation through confined spaces, intricate loading docks, and high-pressure delivery scenarios, serves as a regional driver for AutoZone. His journeys take him through bustling business districts, where he employs precision to ensure the secure delivery of crucial auto parts to company stores. A true paragon of reliability, Hayes covers hundreds of miles daily and thousands of miles weekly across the southeastern region. What sets him apart is the remarkable fact that he has achieved this remarkable feat without a single preventable collision, safety violation, or speeding ticket tarnishing his record.

“I am genuinely honored to be the recipient of CVSA’s International Driver Excellence Award,” remarked Hayes as he received this prestigious recognition. “This award symbolizes the collective dedication of numerous individuals who prioritize safety in their daily endeavors on the road. I am both humbled and profoundly grateful to be recognized as this year’s award recipient.”

Hayes’ journey into the world of professional driving commenced 38 years ago, when he joined Turner Dairy Company, where he quickly earned the moniker “Milkman.” His commitment to safety was evident from the outset, and in 1994, he joined AutoZone, marking the beginning of an enduring partnership. Hayes’ accomplishments have been nothing short of remarkable, having logged over 3 million safe-driving miles while ensuring the punctual delivery of auto parts to various stores.

Maj. Chris Nordloh, CVSA President and representative of the Texas Department of Public Safety, expressed deep admiration for Hayes’ achievements, stating, “Wayne’s exceptional safety record is a testament to his unwavering dedication and vigilance as a driver. Our International Driver Excellence Award seeks to acknowledge the pivotal role that drivers play in upholding road safety, and Wayne exemplifies this commitment through his remarkable accomplishments.”

Hayes’ accolades extend well beyond the IDEA award. In 2021, he attained the distinction of being inducted into the Driver Hall of Fame by the National Private Truck Council, a feat that no other AutoZone driver had accomplished. His remarkable achievements continued to accumulate, with the honor of becoming the first AutoZone truck driver to surpass 3 million safe miles in 2020, followed by the coveted 2021 Driver of the Year Award from AutoZone. These accolades underscore Hayes’ consistent dedication to exceeding expectations in his profession and serve as a testament to his enduring commitment to excellence.

In a role that demands unwavering alertness and a keen sense of responsibility, Hayes attributes his success to his steadfast prioritization of safety. “Anticipating the unexpected is paramount in maintaining safety,” he advises fellow drivers. “A thorough inspection prior to embarking on a journey, coupled with route awareness and consideration for fellow drivers, can make a world of difference.”

Hayes’ contributions have been buoyed by the unwavering support of his family, particularly his wife, Tammy, who has served as an unyielding pillar of strength throughout his career. “Much of my success can be attributed to my wife,” acknowledges Hayes. “Her support and management of our household allowed me to focus on my profession and the demands it entailed.”

Beyond his accomplishments on the road, Hayes’ dedication extends to his community and family. Together with his wife and children, Hayes owns and operates a thriving produce market, contributing to the local community by regularly donating food to the food bank. Moreover, he dedicates precious time to volunteering at his church, tending to the church cemetery, and fostering a strong sense of community service.

As Hayes prepares to attend the CVSA Annual Conference and Exhibition in Grapevine, Texas, where he will be honored with a $5,000 prize and a crystal trophy during the awards luncheon, it’s important to delve into the role of CVSA in fostering road safety across North America.

About CVSA

The Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance (CVSA) is a distinguished nonprofit organization composed of local, state, provincial, territorial, and federal commercial motor vehicle safety officials and industry representatives. The Alliance is dedicated to preventing commercial motor vehicle crashes, injuries, and fatalities, firmly believing that collaboration between government and industry significantly enhances road safety and ultimately saves lives.

With a resolute mission to enhance commercial motor vehicle safety and enforcement, CVSA provides essential guidance, education, and advocacy for both enforcement agencies and industry stakeholders throughout North America. The Alliance is built upon a diverse membership structure that includes various types:

  • Class I Members: State/provincial agencies represented by departments of transportation, public utility and service commissions, state police, highway patrols, departments of motor vehicles, and ministries of transport.
  • Class II Local Members: City or municipal police departments serving as representatives of local agencies.
  • Class III Associate Members: Companies, organizations, trade associations, trucking and bus companies, industry suppliers and vendors, training institutions, consultants, insurance companies, state or provincial trucking associations, and fleet owners or owner-operators.
  • Class IV Federal Members: Federal government agency representatives.

The Alliance’s member organizations, including over 13,000 enforcement officials, are united by a shared dedication to transportation safety and a common goal of achieving uniformity, compatibility, and reciprocity of commercial motor vehicle inspections throughout North America. CVSA’s influence extends through five geographical regions, each comprising specific states, provinces, territories, and federal members.

As the curtain descends on this chapter of Hayes’ journey, his legacy stands as a testament to the paramount importance of safety in professional driving. His accomplishments serve as a reminder that the road to excellence is paved with unwavering commitment, diligence, and the collective efforts of countless individuals dedicated to upholding the highest standards of safety and professionalism. Wayne Hayes’ story is one of dedication, resilience, and unwavering commitment to safety on the road – a true inspiration to drivers everywhere.



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