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Daily Big Rig: J&W Trucking’s 1999 Freightliner Classic XL “Never Satisfied” 

In the trucking world, there are rigs, and then there are legends. One such legend rolled onto the scene at the 5th Annual Gear Jammer Magazine Truck Show in Keene, New Hampshire, on a scorching day in late July. Owned by the dynamic duo of Jason and Megan Westgate, J&W Trucking’s 1999 Freightliner Classic XL affectionately goes by the name “Never Satisfied.” But don’t be fooled by the cheeky moniker; this truck symbolizes determination, craftsmanship, and the pursuit of perfection.

With a nod to its “Poor man’s Peterbilt” origins, “Never Satisfied” has carved out its niche in the trucking world, turning heads wherever it goes. Megan Westgate, who shared her thoughts on the rig’s unique name, humorously commented, “The truck is never satisfied, and neither is the driver. They both always want more. More chrome, more shiny, more everything.” Indeed, this remarkable vehicle is a testament to the unrelenting spirit of truckers who continually seek excellence.

The Westgates’ story is one of love, dedication, and a passion for trucking that runs deep in their veins. Hailing from Pittsfield, Maine, they are the proud owners of J&W Trucking, a company that has thrived on its commitment to exceptional service and a keen eye for innovation. While the husband-and-wife team has its roots firmly planted in the heart of New England, their reach extends far beyond, as they specialize in hauling cars to and from auctions throughout the region.

But it’s not just the bustling car auctions that keep J&W Trucking on the move. As Megan Westgate reveals, “In the winter, we’re busy moving autos to Florida for the ‘snowbirds.'” In a state like Maine, which boasts the highest percentage of second homes and part-time residents among all 50 states, the demand for auto transport services during winter is substantial. This demand keeps Megan’s hands full with logistics and coordination, even though she used to team-drive “Never Satisfied” with her husband.

The beauty of “Never Satisfied” goes beyond its eye-catching exterior. Inside, the truck reveals a custom dash and a cozy sleeper, which owner-operator Jason Westgate describes with a smile. This truck is not just a workhorse but also a home away from home for the dedicated trucker.

When hauling cars, “Never Satisfied” is purpose-built and perfectly designed. With its extended wheelbase, this unique Freightliner Classic XL can effortlessly accommodate a five-car trailer above its single-drive axle. Under the hood, it boasts a pre-emissions 500-horsepower Detroit engine, mated to a 13-speed transmission and 3.55 rears, ensuring power and efficiency on the road.

The truck’s aesthetics are equally impressive. As Megan Westgate proudly points out, “The grille is custom and proudly displays ‘Never Satisfied,’ just like the back of the truck.” The overall inside and out design was a labor of love by the Westgates themselves, along with the expertise of Emily Spencer of Roadworks. A custom 20-inch bumper from 4 State in Missouri adds to the truck’s distinctive appearance, while the stainless steel work is a testament to Megan’s brother-in-law’s skill.

In the trucking world, where every mile is a story and every rig has its tale, “Never Satisfied” symbolizes ambition and craftsmanship. With J&W Trucking at the helm, it continues to haul cars, create smiles, and turn heads on highways and at truck shows. As long as there are roads to travel and cargo to transport, “Never Satisfied” and the Westgates will be there, reminding us that pursuing excellence is an unending journey worth taking.

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