2000 Peterbilt 379

Daily Big Rig: A Journey with the 2000 Peterbilt 379

In the heart of Tyrone, Georgia, a remarkable story unfolds within the trucking community. It’s a tale of dedication, family legacy, and the enduring charm of a 2000 Peterbilt 379. Jerry Knowles, an owner-operator, stands at the helm of this narrative, steering a part-time operation that’s an integral part of his 15-truck fleet, primarily focused on hauling auto parts. 

Knowles Trucking, a name now synonymous with reliability and quality in the trucking world, had its humble beginnings in 1980. Jerry Knowles, alongside his father Joe, embarked on a journey that would lay the foundation for a thriving business. Their initial venture involved hauling across the country to California, marking the start of an enduring enterprise. Over the years, the fleet expanded, reaching a peak of over 40 trucks, managed by Jerry, his father Joe, and his two brothers.

Today, Jerry, with the help of his son Jody, maintains a streamlined operation of 15 trucks. Their routes primarily span from Tyrone to South Texas, a testament to the business’s adaptability and resilience, especially during the challenging times of the pandemic. The auto parts industry faced its share of trials, yet Knowles Trucking remained steadfast. Jerry remarks, “We’ve been pretty steady in the boat,” highlighting the company’s ability to weather economic fluctuations. Whether times are good or tough, Knowles Trucking continues to serve the community’s evolving needs.

This Peterbilt isn’t just any truck; it’s a canvas of memories and craftsmanship. Jerry has lovingly added custom features over the years, such as the Peterbilt Pride & Class grille, a custom visor, windshield trim, and more, enhancing its already impressive stature.

The truck, showcased at the Guilty by Association Truck Show in Joplin, Missouri, may now mostly serve as a showpiece, but it still hits the road, covering about 20,000 miles yearly. With approximately 1.7 million miles on the odometer, it stands as a testament to the durability and reliability that are hallmarks of both Peterbilt and Knowles Trucking.

Inside, the truck’s interior remains untouched, a pristine example of a bygone era’s quality and craftsmanship. “It still looks brand new,” Jerry notes, reflecting on the dilemma of altering something so perfectly preserved. The exterior, mostly in its original state, did receive a fresh coat of paint and a new red pinstripe, adding a touch of modern flair to its classic design.

The journey of Knowles Trucking and their 2000 Peterbilt 379 is more than a story of a truck or a business; it’s a narrative of family, legacy, and the enduring spirit of the trucking community. It’s a story that resonates with every trucker who values tradition, quality, and the open road.

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