Blue Ink Tech Announces the BIT Dashcam with BIT Air Scale Support

Blue Ink Tech Announces the BIT Dashcam with BIT Air Scale Support

Huntington, WV – 2/15/24 Blue Ink Tech, an innovator in real-time fleet telematics data, has announced the release of BIT Dashcam to its Blue Ink Tech fleet management platform. The dashcam is the latest in their lineup of real-time telematics tools that integrate into a command center that’s the first of its kind to offer enterprise-wide visibility into vehicle and load weights.

Blue Ink Tech’s Mike Riegel says, “We anticipated the need for an all-in-one platform with a connected dashcam. So many carriers are using multiple systems that require drivers and office staff to use a dozen different apps. With one system capable of providing dashcam footage, harsh driving alerts, vehicle weight readings, GPS location, and ELD data back to the office in real time, everyone’s job becomes significantly easier.” 

Long considered a pioneer in the ELD space, Blue Ink Tech has continued to evolve its product offerings to include BIT Air Scale and now BIT Dashcam, all of which are designed, built and supported at the headquarters in Huntington, WV. BIT 

Dashcam will automatically connect to the BIT Air Scale sensors to make gross and axle weight data available to fleet managers in real time. The dashcam’s built-in cellular modem allows data to be sent to the cloud without driver intervention, providing unmatched visibility across the entire fleet. 

The focus on ease of use and integration for all their products sets Blue Ink Tech apart from their competitors. Today, BIT customers are leveraging real-time data to power applications for everything from driver incentive programs to profit-optimized scheduling. 

“It’s no secret that data is going to make trucking more efficient in the long term. ” Riegel said. “One of the areas we’re excited to have an impact on with our new dash camera is around truck scaling and weights. Remote access to what is on their trucks in real time helps companies maximize loads without getting overloaded or risking DOT fines, which directly increases revenue. This scaling problem has gone largely unaddressed in the industry for decades.” 

With the availability of more real-time data comes new possibilities and challenges. Blue Ink Tech is working closely with several insurance providers to enable data -driven policy underwriting, which will drive down the cost of premiums regardless of fleet size. 

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