The Best Trucker Apps 2024

The Best Trucker Apps 2023 – For On and Off the Road

Hello trucker; this blog is for you to streamline, elevate, and simplify your job. New innovations in digital platforms enhance the overall working mechanism. There are various apps for GPS tracking, Weather updates, business-related applications, fuel tracking, preclearance or weighing, mobile scanning, and so on. We will discuss the best trucker app for on and off the road. In today’s world, every problem can be solved in just one click through mobile apps.

Here, we will briefly look at the reasons why truckers use mobile apps:

  • To check the weather condition
  • Listen to music, podcasts, or audiobooks
  • To search clients
  • To track deliveries
  • To find a truck repair shop or service nearby you
  • To get the latest 411 on the road


Uncovering the most efficient routes drastically changes your unexpected delays. The right GPS system will enable you to receive the latest notifications about traffic, navigation, and route planning. Thus, it saves a lot of time and money.

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Trucker Path is a popular navigational and route-planning app for millions of drivers. It consists of routing tools, road conditions, and a common comment section for truck stops. In addition, it has open/close status of weigh stations. It is the best app for GPS tracking.

Key Features

  • Tracks navigation
  • Route planning app
  • Truckstop locator
  • Fuel station locator
  • Weigh stations & scales
  • Trip planner feature


  • Stores a personal navigational history
  • Helps to find your next truck
  • Helps in finding the next fuel stops with truck clearance
  • A huge community for truckers
  • Plenty of job posting


  • You can’t track the navigation without an internet connection.
  • Premium GPS units are more reliable, but it’s quite expensive.
  • It is not advanced compared to specialized GPS units.

Weather APPs

The most common reason for accidents is weather, where weather conditions cause 1 in 5 accidents. Weather Apps provides a comprehensive guide for truckers about weather conditions.


AccuWeather is a highly trusted weather app recognized by the World Meteorological Organization. This app can track storms on the radar and receive timely weather updates and notifications. You can get prior notification on severe weather events such as cyclones, hurricanes, and gales.

Key Features

  • Provides live weather forecasts
  • Provides daily forecasts
  • Tracks advanced weather radar includes minute views of storm tracks, snow, rain, temperature changes
  • Provides the best user interface and data representation
  • Weather predictions up to 45 days into the future


  • Provides profound insights on the main page
  • Easily accessible to locations
  • Can translate into multi-languages
  • Widgets can show weather info for multiple locations


  • Slow performance
  • Outdated appearance
  • Ad-supported
  • Limited radar map data

Business Related APPs

Business-related apps are used to document duty status, count down hours of service, driver availability, and banking transactions for business owners. These Apps help to streamline your business activities.


Northone is an online banking app, especially for all small business owners. It redefines what a business account can do. It connects all the dots in banking and financial management platforms. This app controls your cash flow with powerful payment options, custom integrations, and automatic budgeting tools.

Key Features

  • Completely online and mobile banking
  • Control over your cash flow
  • Powerful payment options
  • Custom integrations
  • Automatic budgeting tools


  • Limitless fee-free transactions
  • Create limitless envelopes
  • Integrated with popular business apps
  • Accepts cash deposits
  • No ATM fees at over 2 million ATMs worldwide


  • No global funds transfer
  • The ATM owner may impose a fee
  • Only one business debit card per account

Fuel APPs

Generally, a fuel app lets you search for the nearest gas station prices from your vehicle’s head unit.

Gas Buddy

Gas Buddy is the best fuel app for saving money. It searches out the best gasoline deals and tells you where to go. This app offers you a heavy discount system to find the best deal.

Key Features

  • Price maps
  • Trip cost calculator
  • Gas price charts
  • Real-time fuel information
  • Defined station location with ratings and reviews


  • No cost for joining
  • Seamless operation at the pump
  • Enables the cheapest gas prices on your route
  • Inbuilt trip cost calculator, which helps to plan road trips


You must have a bank account to use the Gas Buddy app.
You cannot get immediate access to savings in your account.
GasBuddy is unavailable in all locations and is not accepted as a payment method in many gas stations.

Preclearance APPs

The preclearance app aids truck drivers in bypassing weigh stations. Drivers can get around this time-consuming, troublesome task without getting into breaking the law.


The Drivewyze app offers a broad network, allowing legal bypass of weigh stations. It boasts a wide range of coverage, with over 700 sites spanning across 44 states and provinces in the United States.

Key Features

  • Allows to bypass weigh stations
  • Free trial for 30 days
  • User-friendly interface
  • You receive alerts when you’re close to an inspection site
  • Heads up notifications


  • accepted over 40 states in the USA
  • Coherence across all platforms except IOS
  • Time saver
  • Easy to use


  • Doesn’t work properly on the IOS platform
  • Adding more states to accept bypass

Mobile Scanning APP

The Mobile Scanning app is applicable for seamlessly sharing and editing documents digitally. We have included the best mobile scanning app for truckers.


Transflo Mobile is the best mobile scanning app for truckers. It has special features like dashboard configuration, robust document capture and delivery.

Key Features

  • Document capture
  • Image quality
  • Recognition and detection
  • Direct integration into workflow


  • Saves time to bill customers
  • Fast document capture
  • Easy access to payroll and settlement statement information


  • commonly crashes
  • Time-consuming to load
  • Reduce battery consumption

Other Most Used Apps for Truckers

Some of the apps used by truckers are not just for information or tracking work. Some are free truck driver apps used for entertainment purposes. Here are the other most used apps for truckers.

Google Maps

Google Maps is a very popular GPS app that is inclusively available for anyone.

Key Features

  • 360o street view
  • Real-time traffic updates
  • Can save user history
  • Satellite view to check parking spots
  • Audio assistance
  • Offline service available


  • Authentic and reliable navigation
  • User-friendly interface
  • The broad range of features: street view, satellite imagery, and indoor maps


  • Battery drains
  • Breaches privacy concerns
  • Restricted offline functionality

Dock 411

The Dock 411 app is mostly used for commercial truck drivers. It is an online service provider for dock listings and information.

Key Features

  • Load/unload procedures
  • Weather checks
  • Hazards at your stop
  • Local directions
  • Backing situations
  • Weigh limits


  • Bathroom availability and cleanliness
  • Overnight parking spots
  • Emergency delays
  • Pick-up and drop-off locations
  • Saves time and money


  • Frequently crashes when trying to find a location in IOS 11.3


Spotify revolutionized music listening forever, becoming the most popular streaming app. Spotify encompasses over 100 million songs, 5 million podcast titles, and 350,000 audiobooks.

Key Features

  • Available in both free and paid versions
  • High-quality audio
  • Offline listening feature
  • Play in shuffle
  • Unlimited skips
  • Custom playlist


  • Can access it from a free account
  • Allows them to create their own playlist
  • Convenient search features
  • Can connect to your Facebook account


  • Lyrical features are unavailable
  • Premium features are quite expensive
  • Sound quality is lowered for free users
  • Are not available for all countries
  • Contains ads

Radio FM

Radio FM informs with the latest news, music, and sports from the internet and broadcast stations. You can enjoy live programming on your device. Truckers stay informed with the weather forecast, real-time traffic updates, and diesel pricing while on the road.

Key Features

  • Wide coverage area
  • Manual frequency modulation
  • Live programming on your device


  • Selective geographic inclusion by countless stations
  • Free of cost
  • Huge coverage
  • Massive audience, mostly used for advertisements


  • During bad weather, it’s difficult to get proper signals.
  • Only audio media, no visuals are available.
  • Limited research data and frequency bandwidth.


Trucker tools, whether directly or indirectly, significantly impact driving quality. Small and large businesses can benefit from a range of smart apps, including those related to banking, entertainment, logistics, and weather. We’ve compiled a list of the best trucker apps based on their usage, which unquestionably enhances your business and driving experience. These apps are available for both IOS and Android phones.

FAQs On Best Trucker Apps

Is there a trucker app to avoid low bridges?

The SmartTruckRoute is a trucker app to avoid low bridges. If you speak or type the destination within seconds. It navigates through truck-specific routes with turn-by-turn directions that avoid low bridges and uses truck-friendly roads.

What driving apps do truckers use?

Truckers use various driving apps for their convenience. Some of the best trucker apps in 2023 are:

  • Trucker Path
  • Accuweather
  • NorthOneGas Buddy
  • Drivewyze
  • TRANSFLO mobile

Truck Driver News has already covered including its key features, pros, and cons.

What is the best gas app for truckers?

GasBuddy is the best fuel app for truckers. It has cost-saving features like a gas price map, a trip cost calculator, and gas price charts.

What is the social app for truckers?

Truck. Mate is a social app for truckers. It is specially designed to connect truck drivers in the area via text messaging and video calls. You can start a private chat about desired topics, share your views through reactions, and post a comment.

Key Features:

  • Trusted social network platform
  • You can share and post photos, videos, and stories or Go Live, like on other social media platforms
  • Find local truck driver jobs
  • Free to use
  • Attend events
  • Marketplace to buy and sell new or used stuff




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