Axis Global Names Former Yellow Corporation Exec New CEO

Axis Global Names Former Yellow Corporation Exec New CEO

Axis Global Logistics, known for managing supply chains for businesses, has announced Jason Bergman as its new CEO. Bergman, previously a top executive at Yellow Corp., is expected to bring fresh perspectives and guide Axis towards further growth.

Who is Jason Bergman?

Jason Bergman has a strong background in the transportation and logistics industry. His experience includes key roles at Yellow Corp., where he was Chief Commercial Officer and President of Yellow Logistics. He helped grow the company and was deeply involved in important decisions, especially during tough times like contract negotiations.

Challenges at Yellow Corp.

Under Bergman’s leadership, Yellow Corp. faced tough situations, including a bankruptcy in August 2023. Despite these challenges, he focused on keeping the company stable and maintaining its reputation. This period proved his ability to lead through tough times, which is valuable for his new role at Axis.

What Bergman Brings to Axis

Axis Global Logistics has been a key player in the logistics field since 1997. With Bergman joining as CEO, the company looks forward to expanding its services and reaching more markets globally. His approach to work, which emphasizes teamwork and putting customers first, is expected to help Axis grow.

Emphasizing Innovation

In a field that’s quickly changing, staying updated with the latest technology is crucial. Bergman’s past work shows he can use new tech to make operations more efficient. At Axis, he plans to introduce innovations like using data better and exploring new tech to keep the company ahead.

Building Strong Relationships

Success in logistics comes from not just managing goods but also building strong relationships. Bergman is known for his ability to work well with various partners, ensuring long-term success. At Axis, he will focus on strengthening these bonds to improve the company’s network and performance.

Looking to the Future

With Bergman at the helm, Axis Global Logistics is set to focus on sustainable growth and continuing to innovate. His track record and strategic thinking suggest that he will lead the company to succeed in the competitive logistics market, benefiting customers and the company alike.

As Bergman takes on his role, everyone from truck drivers to industry watchers can expect Axis to thrive under his leadership, offering better services and setting high standards in logistics.




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