ATRI Requests Data for Operational Cost Annual Report

ATRI Requests Data for Operational Cost Annual Report

So, the big move that’s happening? It really drives home how crucial it is to get a grip on all those financial details in trucking operations. The U.S.-based think tank, American Transportation Research Institute – or ATRI for short – is on the scene. Recently, the American Transportation Research Institute (ATRI) gave a shout-out to trucking companies nationwide.

ATRI is actively seeking assistance from the trucking industry, requesting that companies provide essential information to aid in the compilation of their annual report which analyzes operational expenses. This underscores a focused push to pick apart and scrutinize the financial heartbeat of the trucking business. So, let’s get into the nuts and bolts of this whole thing – why it’s a big deal for all trucking companies, no matter their size.

ATRI’s Annual Data Dive: Why It Matters

The Operational Costs of Trucking report by ATRI stands as a cornerstone in the industry. It sizes up the running costs and skillfully sails through the tricky economic tides of trucking. Gathering data privately from a wide range of commercial trucking companies, ATRI’s goal is to piece together a full picture of the industry’s financial status. This inclusivity spans from solo owner-operators with a single truck to expansive fleets boasting over 10,000 vehicles.

What Data is Being Sought?

So, ATRI’s on this data hunt, right? They’re diving headfirst into the number crunching business, spotlighting those all-important cost metrics that trucking firms can’t ignore in their day-to-day grind. These include, but are not limited to, driver compensation, insurance premiums, and the costs associated with leasing or purchasing equipment. Carriers are encouraged to provide these figures on a per-mile or per-hour basis, offering flexibility in how they report their 2023 operational costs.

Additionally, the institute is incredibly eager to peel back the layers on the more intricate facets of trucking operations. Some of these are the percentage of empty miles, dwell time per stop, and rates of driver turnover. This info is key to creating a vivid image of the hurdles and smooth moves in our business world.

The Perks of Participation

Engaging in this data collection initiative isn’t without its rewards. Participants gain access to a customized report that benchmarks their specific operational metrics against those of similar carriers in the sector and size category. This sort of comparative scrutiny, like an apple-to-apple match-up, genuinely assists us in pinpointing areas ripe for enhancement and plotting out strategies for more wallet-friendly operations. Plus, those taking part get an early bird’s look at the all-inclusive report, giving them a chance to spot upcoming shifts and standard measures across the industry.

Operational Costs on the Rise: A Glimpse into Last Year’s Findings

The urgency of ATRI’s request gains further context when considering the findings of the previous year’s report. The 2022 analysis revealed a sharp 21.3% increase in marginal costs. This meant that the per-mile cost passed the $2 mark for the first time in the report’s history. This surge really puts the spotlight on how unpredictable the trucking business economy can be. It just shows us that we need current and precise information to steer through upcoming financial hurdles effectively.

Addressing Common Concerns

ATRI has taken steps to ensure the confidentiality and security of the data submitted by carriers. Only a limited number of research staff will have access to this information. In a robust bid to safeguard your privacy, the institute stands ready and willing to endorse confidentiality agreements at your behest.

ATRI really underscores how crucial data is, whether it’s coming from a big-shot carrier or the little guy. Whether you’re the boss of one truck or calling the shots for a thousand, your info gives us a deeper look into this business. Additionally, the process of submitting data has been simplified. Guidance is available for converting operational costs into a per-mile basis and assistance readily on hand for any questions or challenges that may arise.

How to Participate

For-hire motor carriers interested in contributing to this pivotal research are encouraged to submit their operational cost data by the specified deadline of Friday, April 26th. The submission process is facilitated through an easy-to-use online form or an emailed PDF. ATRI put these strategies to work, making sure any carrier wanting to join in could easily do so.

The ATRI’s yearly report on trucking operation costs acts like a health check-up for the trucking economy, kind of giving us the pulse of its financial state. Joining this data gathering mission not only lets carriers feed into a wider comprehension of industry swings, but also equips them with precious know-how about their own business workings. Joining this group project doesn’t just pump up the industry’s data bank, but it also lets carriers guide their business with more accuracy and knowledge.




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