ArcBest Truck Driver Jobs - Pay, Benefits, and Insights

ArcBest Truck Driver Jobs – Pay, Benefits, and Insights

ArcBest isn’t just another logistics company. The company’s story is filled with growth, innovation, and commitment spanning over a hundred years. Born in 1923 as a modest freight carrier in Arkansas, it has blossomed into a global logistics titan. With services stretching from the United States to Canada and even the Dominican Republic, ArcBest plays a crucial role in the worldwide supply chain​​​​.

ArcBest at a Glance

  • Headquarters: The heart of ArcBest is in Barling, Arkansas, a strategic spot that supports its global operations​​.
  • Global Reach: ArcBest’s service map isn’t just local; it crosses borders into Canada, Mexico, and beyond, showing their global logistics prowess​​.
  • Team and Tools: With 15,000 dedicated team members and partnerships with over 105,000 carriers, ArcBest’s ability to deliver is immense​​.
  • Cargo Expertise: From fragile, high-value items to temperature-sensitive goods, ArcBest knows how to handle diverse cargo needs with precision​​.

Multiple Company Divisions

ABF Freight: This is the core LTL service provided by ArcBest. This service operates regional and long-haul solutions.

Panther Premium Logistics: This service is for customers requiring more complex logistical solutions.

Salary and Benefits

The salary range for company drivers can vary based on position and location.

As of March 2024, reports the national average annual base salary for Truck Driver Jobs at ABF Freight to be $72,527 (click here for current information from

Also as of March 2024, the national average annual base salary for Truck Driver Jobs at Panther Premium is reported to be $91,509 (click here for current information from

Benefits offered include:

  • Health, Vision, and Dental Insurance
  • Life Insurance
  • Retirement Plan
  • 401k
  • Paid Time Off/Vacation
  • Sick Pay

Reviews and Ratings from

  • An employee from El Dorado, AR writes, “A good positive place to work with others. Mobilizing to different locations on a daily basis. Teamwork when needed. Unionized positions. Make sure the part-time employees are paid 32 hours weekly.”
  • A trucker from Jackson, MS says, “Strong company. Paid well. Benefits are great. Can provide for my family. I have a sense of pride in the green machine. The equipment is top rated. Supervisor is easygoing.”
  • Another employee from Medina, OH writes, “Overall it’s a good place to work. I really enjoy it. You can really make a lot of money here, but you have to earn it. It’s not hard work at all and I really enjoyed seeing the United States for free.”

Careers with ArcBest

ArcBest stands out for its dynamic workplace and diverse job offerings. Whether you’re just starting out or have years of experience, ArcBest encourages growth and learning across various roles, from drivers to tech experts and beyond​​.

To apply with ABF Freight, visit their job application site.

To apply with Panther Premium visit their job site.

Culture and Core Values

ArcBest shines through its culture of integrity, teamwork, growth, and excellence. These values are not just buzzwords but the essence of how they operate and tackle logistics challenges​​.

ArcBest has navigated a hundred years worth of challenges and has come out stronger. Their commitment to innovation, customer care, and values is what sets them apart.

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