ELDs Revoked from Registered List by FMCSA

ELDs Revoked from Registered List by FMCSA

In a significant move on February 29, 2024, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) announced the removal of five electronic logging devices (ELDs) from its registered list. This decision has direct implications for carriers using these devices and signals ongoing challenges in the ELD certification process.

The Devices Removed and Reasons Behind

The devices removed include CI ELD LOGS, CN ELD, KSK ELD, TT ELD 30, and TT ELD 1010. The FMCSA’s decision was based on these devices’ failure to meet the minimum requirements set forth in 49 CFR part 395, subpart B, appendix A. Specifically, these ELDs did not comply with the mandate requiring devices without a printer to have a display that can be easily viewed by an authorized safety official without entering the vehicle. This criterion ensures that enforcement personnel can efficiently verify compliance with hours-of-service regulations.

Immediate Actions for Affected Carriers

Carriers utilizing the now-revoked ELDs have been given a 60-day grace period, until April 29, 2024, to replace these devices with compliant ones from the Registered Devices List. During this interim, the FMCSA advises reverting to paper logs or logging software to record hours-of-service data. Failure to comply by the deadline could result in a “no record of duty status” violation and potential out-of-service (OOS) designation, significantly impacting operational capabilities.

The Path to Reinstatement for Revoked ELDs

Interestingly, the FMCSA allows for revoked devices to be added back to the registered list, provided the manufacturers address all identified deficiencies. However, the effectiveness of this process is under scrutiny, as two of the five recently revoked devices had previously been removed and then reinstated. This revolving door raises questions about the thoroughness of the FMCSA’s certification and review process.

Calls for Certification Process Reform

The Owner-Operator Independent Drivers Association (OOIDA) has criticized the self-certification approach, highlighting it as a disservice to carriers by allowing noncompliant devices onto the registry. OOIDA’s stance underscores the need for a more robust certification process to ensure ELD compliance, reflecting wider industry concerns about the integrity of the ELD certification framework.

The Larger Context

With 917 devices currently listed as registered and 185 on the revoked list, the FMCSA’s recent action underscores ongoing challenges in ensuring ELD compliance. While the opportunity for revoked devices to be reinstated offers a pathway for manufacturers to correct deficiencies, the repeated revocation of certain devices calls for a more stringent review process to prevent future compliance issues.

What Carriers Need to Do

To avoid compliance issues and potential OOS designations, carriers must:

  • Immediately cease using any of the revoked ELDs they may be using in their fleet.
  • Revert to paper logs or logging software until compliant devices are installed.
  • Ensure replacement with compliant ELDs from the Registered Devices List before the April 29 deadline.
  • Stay informed on updates regarding ELD compliance and reinstatements.

Moving Forward

The FMCSA’s removal of five ELDs from the registered list is a wake-up call for carriers to scrutinize their devices’ compliance closely. It also highlights broader issues within the ELD certification process that require attention to prevent similar compliance pitfalls in the future. As the industry navigates these changes, staying informed and proactive in compliance efforts is crucial for operational success and safety.

For further details and updates on ELD requirements, visit the FMCSA’s ELD implementation website.




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