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Daily Big Rig: Michael Gerber’s Kenworth W900 “Tweety Bird”

Deep in the heart of Taylorsville, North Carolina, lies a story of dedication, passion, and a striking yellow Kenworth W900 that has captured the attention of many in the trucking community. Michael Gerber, a seasoned veteran with 25 years under his belt, proudly showcased his 1999 Kenworth W900 at the 2023 Mayberry Truck Show in Mt. Airy, North Carolina. This wasn’t the truck’s first rodeo at the event; it had previously secured a respectable third place in the “Top Notch 10” category for trucks from North Carolina and Virginia at the 2022 show.

The owner of Elite Transfer LLC, Gerber’s journey in the trucking industry is as remarkable as his truck. Starting as a flatbed freight mover, he transitioned to reefer operations for a local company, demonstrating his adaptability and commitment to the evolving needs of the industry. Gerber’s story with the Kenworth W900, affectionately nicknamed “Tweety Bird” due to its canary yellow paint scheme, is one of transformation and meticulous care.

Gerber, the second owner of this mechanical masterpiece, found the truck in a state of disrepair at his mechanic’s shop while seeking a second truck for his business. Despite its initial condition, the rig underwent a remarkable transformation, thanks to the skilled hands of Gerber’s mechanic. The extensive custom work included a new bumper, lights, stacks, and more, breathing new life into the truck.

The interior of the Kenworth W900, preserved in its original state, is a testament to the exceptional care of its first owner. A 600-hp Caterpillar C16 engine powers the truck, paired with an 18-speed transmission, providing Gerber the thrill of “big power” he so enjoys.

For Gerber, this truck is more than just a vehicle; it’s a symbol of his life’s work and passion. The stuffed puppy, a Father’s Day gift from his six-year-old daughter Marissa, displayed on the windshield next to the 2022 show’s plaque, brings a personal touch and a piece of home to his travels. It’s these small, personal details that make Gerber’s story resonate with fellow truckers.

Gerber’s pride in his work and his truck is palpable. Last year’s third-place win was not just a recognition of the truck’s aesthetic appeal but a celebration of Gerber’s dedication to maintaining and enhancing this impressive rig. Displaying the plaque in his windshield at this year’s show, Gerber showcased not only the truck’s physical beauty but also the hard work and love poured into it.

Michael Gerber’s story, centered around the “Tweety Bird,” is one that many in the trucking industry can relate to. It’s a narrative of transformation, dedication, and pride, encapsulating the spirit of truckers who pour their hearts into their rigs and their profession. As Gerber continues his journey with the Kenworth W900, he carries not only a piece of trucking history but also a piece of his heart, proudly displayed on the roads he traverses.

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